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I started my Inner Journey several decades ago by 1st learning to meditate & then becoming a teacher & putting people in Contact withe Source, Their Source. I worked with & Sponsored various highly evolved people, Healers, Clairvoyants & Developed Souls who showed me how to utilize their knowledge that strangely most couldn't discern or even hear.
Withe Various Techniques & Tools I've been given or fathomed thru close observation, I have had some interesting experiences & journeys within. This knowledge also made sense of other experiences & preceptions that I encountered thru life'situations thru the years.
Things like past lives or understanding another person patterns have opened to me as have my own. And as fascinating as all that is, my Aim is to Be Freed from this Illusion bringing as many as will come along EveNow. You can live in the World but don't have to take it seriously & in fact Joyfully & Easily get you much further to where you wanto be at any moment. 
I have shared thru my messages several of my inner connections like the ~Unknowable~ which is beyond the Relative & Absolute fields of Life,
Also drawing down The_Grace_of_Ishvara,_Our Almighty Father Mother God/dess & The Transformational Rainbow Forest Odyssey + many other Activations, Techniques & Connections from various teachers & messengers.
If they work & help & Lighten & Enlighten, I'm all for them & Share withose Ready.
And It is time to Get Ready or Not~Change is Upon Each & All of Us Beyond Sci~Fi or Middle Earth or Any Tales or Fables you've heard of.... We Are in the Midst of It.
Everything is Speeding Up SO BE READY!!!!!! 
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Michael & Raphael with the Councils of Heaven~through Ron Head


Realizing we are sons & daughters of Our Almighty*Father*Mother increases our Vibration.

By calling down Their Grace You Activate changes in yOur life & the world Potently.

Focus on a Quality of this Grace like Peace, Healing, Light, let it flow thru you.

Meditate in this Grace of the Almighty, Feel it activate a qualityou choose.

This Grace infuses the Absolute in the Relativeach time you focus on It.

A few minutes or more & activating Bliss is One I'venjoyed Very Much.

Enjoy & go easily as the Divine Answers your call Graciously & Fulfills it,


Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Grace of Our Ascension

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----- Original Message -----
From: PAO
To: GalacticJack Furst
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 6:05 PM
Subject: Michael and Raphael with the Councils of Heaven~through Ron Head


Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

Ron Head's message below from The Councils of Heaven reminds me of something I learned long ago, "Your role in the scheme of things is to clear your consciousness and become an open channel for the outpouring of your good. Remember that your good already IS!"
It is not what happens in our lives but how we react to what happens. We help the world when we lift up our consciousness and become one with our "Higher Self".

Many don't understand the Power of Faith.

Faith is your consciousness. You think, feel, speak, and act according to your consciousness, according to your faith. Faith is the creative energy of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen; therefore, your consciousness is that which stands under and supports that which you are experiencing in your world. (quote from John Randolph Price)
If your consciousness is filled with fear and anxiety, that is where your faith is. You are putting your faith in the possibility and probability of misfortune, lack, and limitation. Perhaps you have not been aware of the Energy of Faith yet have been using it. You may have created illness through the energy of faith—faith in drafts, weather, germs, old age. We have all contributed to this world of illusion with our faith/beliefs.
Through our Faith energy we can transmute the negative frequencies and restore our consciousness to the vibration of Spirit.
Use the decree: "I believe there is NOTHING our Creator cannot do. I believe there is nothing our Creator cannot do through me. Come forth, my Faith ~ saturate my emotions with total trust, total certainty, total conviction in myself as a being of the Universe. I am Unlimited. I use the Power wisely and lovingly in the name of our Creator. I now let my world reflect the Divine Activity of Love, life, and abundance, for my Faith has made me whole. So be it."
Work with this decree daily. Notice as your consciousness is freed from all error thoughts and negative beliefs. It is one of the spiritual tools available to you for strengthening your spiritual consciousness.
We must go to our hearts and feel the Truth of these statements ~ leaving our doubting minds behind. For me, my heart tells me that we are blessed with intervention while humanity continues to wake up ~ while the Lightworkers continue to wield their Light through their loving hearts. I believe (have Faith) that we are being divinely guided and helped by the Galactic Federation, Agarthans, Ascended Masters and the entire Spiritual realm. We are All One. Truly, Together we are Victorious!
Selamat Ja!


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Michael and Raphael with the Councils of Heaven

We bear a message today regarding the speeding up of the manifestation of those concrete changes on your planet for which you have been waiting so long. There is, at last, an over-balance reached which allows your intents, those of the ones you term lightworkers, to override more of the negative that still remains. Therefore you will see, or are seeing, an almost daily increase in change within your societies, and even your media stories.
A huge push is now being made to begin solid change which will develop into the beginnings of that higher dimensional life which you so desire. Some incredible, from your viewpoint, technologies will become commonplace within your very near future. Those who will not be controlled by your power structures have found ways around those who would continue to block them.
We continue to hear many say that we should do more. And once again we say to you, not to accuse, but to instruct, that you need to be the ones who do more. Heaven indeed does have feet and hands, but they are in your shoes and gloves, dear ones.
And so we ask you to make a choice between involvement and patience. Lack of patience combined with non-involvement are not becoming to you. Now, we realize that not everyone can be physically occupied with, or even know about, all that is going on. It is a very big world when seen from your viewpoint. But when you daily offer your prayers, meditations, and intentions you are involved.
Those who do that are not the complainers, you see. Offering your agreement with the goals and then doing nothing but asking for more help is hardly what we have asked of you.
We have said over and over that the changes that you wish to see will be reflections of changes within yourselves. Yet many make no such changes and then take heaven to task for not saving them. It is never too late to begin, my friends. But the time is soon to come when you may wish you had begun. You have lived long enough on your world to recognize that possibility for yourselves.
On a happier note, it is becoming more and more frequent that we see some of you having breakthrough experiences in consciousness and understanding. We have spoken in other forums of the possibility of this occurring for large numbers of you soon. This possibility is bearing down upon you rapidly. We know you feel the changes within more and more strongly. It is as if the final pieces of a puzzle are dropping into place.
This will be a year of good news, dear ones. Polish up your dancing shoes. Good day.
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