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I started my Inner Journey several decades ago by 1st learning to meditate & then becoming a teacher & putting people in Contact withe Source, Their Source. I worked with & Sponsored various highly evolved people, Healers, Clairvoyants & Developed Souls who showed me how to utilize their knowledge that strangely most couldn't discern or even hear.
Withe Various Techniques & Tools I've been given or fathomed thru close observation, I have had some interesting experiences & journeys within. This knowledge also made sense of other experiences & preceptions that I encountered thru life'situations thru the years.
Things like past lives or understanding another person patterns have opened to me as have my own. And as fascinating as all that is, my Aim is to Be Freed from this Illusion bringing as many as will come along EveNow. You can live in the World but don't have to take it seriously & in fact Joyfully & Easily get you much further to where you wanto be at any moment. 
I have shared thru my messages several of my inner connections like the ~Unknowable~ which is beyond the Relative & Absolute fields of Life,
Also drawing down The_Grace_of_Ishvara,_Our Almighty Father Mother God/dess & The Transformational Rainbow Forest Odyssey + many other Activations, Techniques & Connections from various teachers & messengers.
If they work & help & Lighten & Enlighten, I'm all for them & Share withose Ready.
And It is time to Get Ready or Not~Change is Upon Each & All of Us Beyond Sci~Fi or Middle Earth or Any Tales or Fables you've heard of.... We Are in the Midst of It.
Everything is Speeding Up SO BE READY!!!!!! 
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quan Yin suggests HOW to experience the Love that is

The question is not when will the world change to be filled with only peace and love,

but when will you allow yourself to live in the world as if that was all there is,

because, the world already is only made up of Love.

Your experience of anything other than love is an illusion, that is what must change...

It comes down to choice...

Quan Yin is thEmbodiment of Compassion, Considered to be the Christ of theast.

It may be hard to believe we came here for Love'Sake buthat's Exactly True.

To Recreate this illusion inew & Loving Ways Made Easier to Evolve thru.

We can consciously start now to see the Love in All of it's many Facets.

Or justhe thoughts, feelings & preceptions that increase Love in yoU,


Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Grace of Our Ascension

Some Special Posts at PAO~REFLECTIONS ****


This is a transcribed conversation with Quan Yin that I'm sharing to help more people. If you want a channeled, live conversation with Quan Yin, or another Master, you can request one here.


I want to ask about money, or really, the changing times. I used to think that 2012 meant life would be radically different, that society would be more like what I had hoped for, ascended. . .

Quan Yin’s Response:

The world is Ascended, but your idea of what ascension is and your experience of the world don’t match. You feel discouraged and wonder if perhaps you have been making it all up, your dreams, the Masters, Ascension, everything. You wonder if you should live a normal life, if you should have a normal job, walk in traditional pathways as you have been led to believe to be ˝traditional˝ or ˝normal.˝

You have even tried this, to some extent, your life is more ˝normal˝ then it was before, and yet you feel something is missing, some magical quality to life is missing. You know it, you feel it, you can practically see it’s absence around you.

Why do you seek validation for your choices? for your beliefs? You know with your heart some things to be true, but you want your truths to be validated, authenticated, by the world around you. If the world changed the way you wanted, had almost expected that it would, would you feel empowered?

Would you be closer to realizing your divine nature?

The question is not when will the world change to be filled with only peace and love, but when will you allow yourself to live in the world as if that was all there is, because, the world already is only made up of Love. Your experience of anything other than love is an illusion, that is what must change.

Now we come to your favorite question (she says with a smile). ˝How?˝

How does one experience the world as peace and love? How does one accept that their their other experiences are illusions and changeable? How does one actively experience Love as all there is?

It comes down to choice.

You can in this very moment, in any moment, choose to alter your perception, to shift your attention from illusion to truth. How? Just pause, wherever you are, whatever is going on around you, and affirm (choose):
I Am NOW seeing the Love in this situation.


I Am NOW experiencing the Love that Is.

or even

I choose to experience the Love present here.
If you still don't experience things shifting, ask for help. Ask the angels, Masters, devas, your own soul, ask for help shifting yourself out of illusion and into the vibrant experience of love. It only takes a second to ask. Allow yourself to be helped.

As you begin to experience the Love this is in all thing, it gets easier to continue experiencing it. And, your world, as a reflection of you, will shift around this experience o love. The world will become what you wanted it to be, not because you tried to change it, but because you changed your experience of the world.

I Am Quan Yin and I love you.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Mahâshivarâtrî


Approaching Are the Days of Lord Shiva, Maheshvara, the Destroyer of All evil.
Enjoy the broadcast as the Absolute is Invoked & Experienced by Everyone,
Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Grace of Our Ascension


Some Special Posts at PAO~REFLECTIONS ****

----- Original Message -----
From: art dubrin
To: GalacticJack
Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 1:52 PM
Subject: Fwd: Happy Mahâshivarâtrî

Enjoy the global broadcast on, channel 3, on 27th Feb. 2014 starting at 11:20 h CET (Holland Time) with Puja to Guru Dev, and Ati Rudrâbhishek performed by 1331 Vedic Pandits in Brahmasthan of India conjointly with the Vedic Pandits at the Brahmasthan of the Maharishi Peace Palace at MERU, Holland.

Reality of the marriage of Shiva and Pârvatî Part I

“All the Vedas, bringing the Truth of Life, are pulsating in the breath of Lord Shiva. The entire manifest Creation is the manifestation of the breath of Shiva. [...]
The “Night of Shiva” means in our ordinary language of human existence: Shiva was married to Mother Pârvatî, Divine Mother. Lord Shiva, the Absolute was married to his own eternal nature, Mother Divine.
And this meeting took place on the impulses of Yajur Veda. The thrills that the hymns of Yajur Veda bring out – that is the meeting point of the manifest and the unmanifest. And here is the marriage of Shiva with Pârvatî, Lord Shiva with Mother Divine... married on the impulses of Yajur Veda.
Rik Veda flatly expounds the eternal light of Absolute Being. It is on the impulses of Yajur Veda that the meeting point of Lord Shiva with Mother Divine is established.
And the story of Lord Shiva is not only the story of those who are spending time in waking, dreaming, sleeping state of consciousness. It is the story of every significant level of consciousness. It’s a story of transcendental awareness, infinite Being... When that’s made permanent, that’s the story of Unity Consciousness. It’s also a story of Cosmic Consciousness, the total story of God Consciousness.
According to the Indian conception of marriage, one is the heart of the other. Divine Mother is the heart of Lord Shiva. And “heart” means “manifest nature.” Manifest nature of unmanifest Shiva - both together constitute the universe, constitute life, constitute creation.
The marriage of Lord Shiva with Mother Divine, Pârvatî, took place as the marriages take place in India. Lord Shiva from somewhere going on to somewhere... (laughing) like a bridegroom, and then the whole marriage took place... And that is for those who are spending time in waking, dreaming, and sleeping states of consciousness.
Lord Shiva is understood by all kinds of intelligences in different states of consciousness. And the reality of the marriage of Lord Shiva with Mother Divine is understood mainly on these four levels: on the ordinary level of waking consciousness, on the Cosmic Consciousness, on God Consciousness, and on the state of Unity, Brâhmî Sthiti.
In Brâhmî Sthiti, the story of Lord Shiva is the Ultimate, the supreme story of Creation, supreme story of Creation.
Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of all. Someone who can preside over tamas, means over death, can certainly preside over life more easily. (laughing) And just because Lord Shiva is the Absolute itself, throughout these hymns of Yajur Veda, which we have heard just now, Lord Shiva is praised... is hailed as the Absolute...."

Part II
Reality of the sound of the Veda
Importance of Vedic Pandits' chanting and Yagyas for developing consciousness
But the meaning of the Vedas, even though it has its place of importance, but the real light of the Vedas is in the impulses of the expressions, in those vibrations, which are really the connecting link between the Absolute and Relative.
All these Vedic Pandits, they are especially invited because they have that traditional throat to express those vibrations in their [. . .] coming on from the tradition. This is important! The meaning of the Vedas is on a level which is useful for the psychological reasons. But as far as the reality of life is concerned, it is these vibrations that are important.
It is through these impulses, as I said, that the unmanifest reality manifested into the celestial being, into that celestial field of life, into that form of Lord Shiva. The celestial form of Lord Shiva is produced by the vibrations of the Yajur Veda. And these vibrations constitute Shiva’s body. The celestial body of Lord Shiva is made of these vibrations [. . . . . .]. And because these vibrations, because these traditional pundits are able to produce those vibrations in their maximum most purity... the vibrations produced here immediately thrill the body of Lord Shiva, the celestial body of Lord Shiva. And once thrilled, the attraction is spontaneous [and] automatic.
And this is what invocation means. This is what worship means. Once Lord Shiva is invoked through those vibrations, He must be present here, there is nothing [...] Nothing less than direct presence by virtue of the impulses... You know, it’s like tuning forks! One hits the tune and the other string starts humming. This is the specific value of these Vedic Mantras, Vedic hymns, these vibrations. When they call Lord Shiva then the mechanism starts from here and the echo is from there. And then both are in tune.
The invocation is not just a psychological thing... we invoke and then, huh, huh, yes, yes, [I’ll come]... it’s the actuality of happening. It happens. The thing happens. [...]
---Maharishi, after Vedic chanting on Shivarâtrî, 1970


Mother Earth's Ascension Shift by the Water Spirits

We have an Opportunity to Enliven the Waters of Mother Earth & Ourselves with a Divine Healing Love.

In so doing we help Smoothearth Changes & Our Ascension into the Light is Greatly Enhanced.

The Water Spiritshare their Love & Assist Us in drawing in the Love of Many Beings of Light.

This is a Time of Healing, We are the Healers as the Waters Heal Earth & Her Children,



Mother Earth’s Ascension Shift by the Water Spirits
Channelled through Natalie Glasson-
Beautiful Beings upon the Earth, remarkable shifts are occurring upon the Earth now; so many shifts are taking place it is
impossible to share all with you or for you to notice all in your realities. There is an important shift taking place upon the
Earth at this time which is connected to the divine template and blueprint of the Earth and your own being.
As the Era of Love manifests upon the Earth and love is truly becoming present within everything and everyone the Earth
herself is going through massive shifts of awakening where her energetic template and blueprint is developing being
encouraged by many beings of light to advance the consciousness present on the Earth and the way in which the Earth
manifests. With the template and blueprint of the Earth shifting to be attuned to love, many old energetic patterns, pain
and suffering caused to the land and Mother Earth will be healed to create a template of love for Mother Earth to
manifest, which will gradually be attuned to be similar to your own template and blue print of your being. Everything and
everyone will exist in harmonised love with the purpose of creating and experiencing more love. When Mother Earth and
a large majority of humanity allow a large portion of their energy to be fully and eternally attuned to love then the Earth and
its humanity will be lifted up to exist in a new frequency of love. Many people may experience this major shift as
ascension and obtaining enlightenment due to the overwhelming volume of love that will be presence within and around
each person, especially those choosing to support the shift and humanity, such as yourself. This acceleration of love will
allow for those who do not yet believe in the Era of Love and that we exist in a time where we can emanate and
experience love, to experience a deep awakening and realisation of love. It will be a major shift allowing the Era of Love
to truly to be experienced with greater intensity. Some people have named this shift, the Coming of the Christ, which is
appropriate but know that love will accelerate you deeper into love emanating a loving consciousness to all. It is a shift
that is waiting to happen and will take place with divine timing as more and more people accept the power and presence
of love upon the Earth and within their beings.
Everything including you is being recoded upon the Earth in order to harmonise with love therefore creating a new reality
born from love for all to experience. It is important to remember you’re your thoughts and perceptions create your reality
and so a new reality born from love will first be experienced and emanated from within and through your mind then
appearing in your surroundings and experiences.
The shift and alterations being made by the light beings of the Creator’s universe to Mother Earth’s template of creation
and blueprint, which manifests and sustain the beauty of the Earth, is connected to the divine flow of the Creator. Mother
Earth’s template is being upgraded to receive and channel into the Earth and humanity greater and quicker frequencies
of the divine flow of the Creator. This means that many restrictions and limitations once placed upon the Earth and also
upon your beings as protection to ensure that chaos wasn’t manifested from misunderstanding of your inner power, are
now being released, erased and deleted. In truth you are being given greater responsibility of your own creations as well
as your purpose and service to the Earth. The Earth is being allowed to accept greater volumes of light from the Creator
while a new vibration of freedom is being anchored into the Earth’s template. Not only will this inspire many as it
emanates from Mother Earth but it can also be misused and misinterpreted thus if you are not consciously aware of your
creations you have greater freedom and empowerment to create that which you do not wish to experience. What I am
sharing is that if you are still residing in some old energetic habits not born from love it can give the opportunity for these
to manifest, but it is more important to focus upon remaining and existing in love with every cell of your being, every focus
and awareness. This is to be of service to the Era of Love upon the Earth and dawning within your being.
As the divine flow vibration is altered and heightened within the divine template and blueprint of Mother Earth this has a
powerful impact upon the waters upon the land of Mother Earth. The advancement of the divine flow of the Creator within
Mother Earth’s blueprint will signify and accelerate a deep cleansing and purification process of all forms of water. The
waters of the Earth are powerful energisers of Mother Earth’s vibrations and creations, one can discover the wisdom of
Mother Earth and the Creator within the waters of the Earth, they are akin to a sacred library and source of
enlightenment. If the divine flow of the Creator penetrates the waters of the Earth, the vibration of the water will be altered
and the divine will of the Creator present within all water. The structure of the water will modify to hold a quicker vibration
attuned to the Creator acting as an amplifying of the Creator’s vibration while connecting and anchoring the Earth into a
deeper space of love. As the waters shift in vibration and purify, attuning to the Creator it will be as if the water is a mirror
to the Creator allowing many people including Mother Earth herself to view, perceive, recognise, know and attune with
the Creator on a deeper level increasing the loving power of Creator upon the Earth. As purification takes place within
the Earth’s water it will symbolise purification for all, the divine will and flow of the Creator will unfold into the waters
becoming more present upon the Earth.
The divine flow is the sacred continuation and eternity of the Creator, the divine guidance of the Creator and the active
presence of the Creator that creates perfection upon the Earth. It is a powerful process for Mother Earth’s template,
blueprint and ability to receive the divine flow of the Creator, to be upgraded and for these high vibrational frequencies to
flow into the waters of the Earth.
Your physical body is comprised of water which symbolises that as Mother Earth’s template shifts and the waters carry
the divine flow of the Creator, the same will occur within you and the water of your body. Due to the water present within
your body you will be able to receive, process and emanate greater volumes of the divine flow of the Creator. You will
also experience a deep purification and cleansing within the water of your physical body and therefore your entire being
as the water also energises the presence of the Creator within your being.
At this time of transformation it is important to support the water of the Earth and your own being by imagining, sensing,
acknowledging and asking for the divine flow and vibrant light of the Creator appropriate for this time in ascension to
penetrate carried upon waves of love into the water of the Earth and the water of your own being. Imagine so much light
pouring into the water of the Earth from the universe of the Creator and from Mother Earth’s template and blueprint shift,
purifying and cleansing the energy of the water so it is attuned as one with the Creator. Imagine great volumes of light
from the Creator and Mother Earth pouring into your being, penetrating the water of your body and the water all around
you, let a powerful cleansing take place as the everything attunes as one within love to be moved deeper into the
presence of the Creator. This is a powerful process that allows all to exist in and experience the presence of love more
In meditation take time to imagine the divine flow of the Creator and presence of the Creator within all water, allow
yourself to feel, sense and acknowledge how beautiful and significant this is for humanity and the Earth. When you are
present with water, pass it by or even drink it, take time to bless the water imagining the presence of the Creator within
the water. You can send sacred sounds, tones, words, music, images, visions or whatever you feel inspired to, into the
water to support this most sacred shift for all. The more humanity raises the vibration of the water of the Earth, the easier
Mother Earth’s shift will take place and the more energy of the Creator will be present being able to penetrate the water
of the Earth, directed from the Creator and Mother Earth.
Water which has been blessed or is seen as sacred brings one back to their true divine presence. Imagine if all the
water upon the Earth and within your being was blessed and sacred in the same way. Water would be honoured as the
Creator in manifestation, which it is, therefore greater truths of the Creator would be able to unfold through this simple
realisation and perception.
With blessings and love,
The Water Spirits

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kp Message 2-24-14… I “Sense” that We Are Close…

130304_new_hair_guy_P1000378_crop_240_30[Kp note 0639 HST: remarkable synchronicity with what I "got", here in this post from Dennis Barth...

There have been a series of OPMs (Other People’s Messages) that seem pointing to one thing… “The Event” (or “The ‘Whatever you may want to call it’”) is near.

Here are a few “things” that have come forth…

  1. 2-21-14: Cobra comes out with, “Preparing For The Event
  2. 2-22-14: D of RTS comes out with, “The World Stands and Says: ‘NO MORE!‘”
  3. 2-23-14″ Neil Keenan comes out with, “The States are in Open Revolution Against Federal Tyranny!
  4. 2-23-14″ Neil Keenan comes out with, “Cease & Desist Demand against THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, Rothschilds, et al.
  5. 2-24-14: Kathryn May comes out with, “St. Germain’s Call to Lightworkers: Life Post-RV
  6. 2-24-14: Office of Poofness comes out with, “Waiting on the World to Change
  7. 2-24-14: Benjamin Fulford comes out with, “War in the Ukraine and more banker murders as cabal end-game begins
  8. 2-24-14: Heather comes out with, “The Will and The Word of I AM” and “New Docs

Here are points made in each of the above (in corresponding order):

  1. “As we are getting closer to the Event, the Light forces have requested that as many functioning Event Support Groups as possible are created on the surface of this planet. These Event Support Groups will serve as stabilization nodes of the energy grid around the planet that will help harmonizing the process of transition.” (Cobra, reference)
  2. “Many people are feeling a pause, like the quiet before the storm. The huge intake of breath that is held in anticipation, with a quickening of the pulse that is the prelude to the adrenaline rush. It feels as if the world is sitting on the blade of a knife, waiting for the slightest flicker of air to ever so gently brush against it and waft it over the edge of Change. Many many people stand watching intently to see which way the breeze will blow…
    “People ARE waking up. People are not just waking up, they are standing up and they are standing in their power and saying “NO MORE!!” The people on this planet are taking up the mantle of NOW and are demanding the truth and demanding their freedom.” (D of RTS, reference)
  3. State legislatures are boiling with laws rejecting and reversing the Federal tyranny within their territories. Currently the States having passed or are in the process of passing legislation are:. Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington (State), Wisconsin” [that's 32 states, plus D.C.] (Neil Keenan Group, reference)
  4. “Below is a Cease and Desist Demand. We’re putting the Globalists on notice that their farce is known; and the whole world now knows, and is watching.” (Neil Keenan Group, reference)
  5. “…we are finished with the hard work which led up to the RV. It is now up to the very competent crew on the ground to make the final announcements to begin trading, and we are on to the next phase – Announcements and Disclosure… There are so many changes coming in such a short time period that you are going to be amazed, astonished… “The Forces of Light on the ground and Above have been preparing to step in to shift the balance for many years. Only now has the energy on the planet and throughout the Universe risen to such a level that the tipping point has been reached. The era of darkness has ended. Planet Earth will never see another war, another genocide or another mass suppression of freedom. It will require the help and Vision of all to create the New World, but we are confident that once the sources of fear and oppression have been removed (as is happening at this moment), the cream will rise to the top, as you might say.” (St. Germain via Kathryn May, reference)
  6. [Zap] “…this is the 38th time I am writing… The number 38 has particular meaning as it is a real code within the global matrix, the Chinese family, and what it represents. It is interesting that the timing of this 38th time I am writing is just in time for the many global transformation items that are coming up now.” (Office of Poofness, reference)
  7. “The Russians say the latest shenanigans in the Ukraine meant the cabal had crossed a red line… The Asians… made it clear some sort of line had been crossed and that action was imminent.” (Benjamin Fulford, reference)
  8. “This DECLARATION OF I AM is the only valid, lawful verification, certification, and projection of this particular inbodyment of I AM, eternal essence, in body, also perceived as [your name]… any and all other representations, jurisdictions, records, et. al. that were claimed to have existed with affect and effect are null, void and duly canceled, for cause, by I AM as a matter of Eternal, Universal and International Records…
    “Due declaration and implementation of I AM, inclusive of this original depository and deposit of I AM, is not to be compelled to perform under any contract and agreement, inclusive of commercial agreement or bankruptcy, inclusive of any and all jurisdictions, and any and all unlawful claims to I AM and the Value of I AM, therefrom, therewith, thereof, and thereto, that I AM did not enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally; Furthermore, I AM does not and will not accept the liability or responsibility of the compelled benefit of any and all unrevealed contract and agreement, inclusive of any and all commercial agreement or bankruptcy” (Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, reference)

Why am I putting these out here? Well, simply because my Higher Inner One (aka, “Higher Innards”, as my grandmother might say) just knows that this “Grand Thing” is rapidly approaching. All I can say is that “near” means “not too very long”, or means, “could be ‘a few days or weeks’”, whereas not too long ago, it was “could be ‘a few weeks or months’”.

That’s all I’m going to say about this now. Perhaps many of you get similar sensations. I’m leaving comments open on this one, so you might “put in” your own “in puts”.

Mahalo, KP

2-25-14 G F Update by Sheldan Nidle ~ Events are Occurring Even as We Speak....

To correct this world, we need to force a resetting of the world's currency and quickly follow it with a return to a precious metal-based system...
..the foundation for the release of the prosperity funds and technologies that will start a reversal of the criminal pollution of your environment...

Get an eXtra Boosthis Thursday with Sheldan, The Masters, The GF & Agarthans +++,

P.S. Webinar Illustrations Posted Below..

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Batz, 14 Zac, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We return! Much is happening across your globe. The dark cabal struggles to maintain its power and sees that these efforts are in vain. The Light, now represented by ancient families and numerous sacred secret societies, has come and laid successful claims to the wealth and power of the dark. This legal assault is aided and abetted by us. We come to end this unholy debauchery of the dark and to bring in a new time, filled with prosperity and your liberation from the odious enslavements perpetrated on you by the dark. The Ascended Masters, acting under the divine decrees of Heaven, have established the means by which the dark is to surrender to the Light. This process is underway and is reaching its first major milestones. The prime instrument of your enslavement is wealth, and especially that most hideous invention of theirs, "fiat money." This insidious invention has created unnecessary inflations and manipulated panics or "crashes" for centuries. Each time, these vile maneuvers greatly enrich the core of the dark cabal while creating events that have further cemented their rising power.
The results of these manipulations led to war, death and division. We are in the midst of ending this odd merry-go-round and replacing it with a divine stability that permits you to clearly see what is real and what is not. As you begin to expand this process to include the wonders that are Gaia and her amazing eco-systems, you discover your true purpose for being on Earth. You are a special Being that is meant to be an ever-Loving intermediary. You have the ability to correct those things that threaten these eco-systems and provide those things that can actually help every being that resides upon this globe. Moreover, you are on the verge of rediscovering your subterranean brethren. Inner Earth is in actuality a 5-D realm. It is where you are to return and resume the special mantle of being fully conscious humans. The truth of this is now vibrating within every cell of your body. We are here to assist this process and, under Heaven's direction, to transform your current troubled reality.
This transformation begins with vast alterations to your physical, mental and emotional bodies, and is to end with a spiritual transformation that returns you to full consciousness. The dark comprehends this. Yet, it cannot bring itself to give up the power that it has controlled for millennia. This power is currently being pried from their hands by the dire situation that this group presently finds itself in. The dark is attempting to find new sources of wealth and somehow wiggle out of its current nightmare. A process is underway that is forcing them to walk down a road that leads to a very high cliff. Lemming-like, they are going to swiftly leap over it into a dangerous abyss. That is when we can install the freedom and prosperity that are your real destiny. That is when disclosure happens and we can freely land across your globe. It will quickly lead to a new reality and a general re-acquaintance with your spiritual and space families.
Events are occurring even as we speak that are the beginnings of the process we have herein described. To correct this world, we need to force a resetting of the world's currency and quickly follow it with a return to a precious metal-based system. Included in this is a restructuring of how the financial world operates internationally. These positive corrections will be the foundation for the release of the prosperity funds and technologies that will start a reversal of the criminal pollution of your environment by the dark cabal and its numerous minions. These events herald the moment when the Ascended Masters can at last freely speak in public on a number of vital points that affect most of your core perceptions. Their lessons will prepare you for our mentors and their talks with you about the path to full consciousness, and the Agarthans will appear and explain who you really are and what is to be expected of you by Heaven.
Hosanna! We are your Ascended Masters! Our beloved Mother is in the midst of great physical changes. Gaia is preparing her surface realms for the grand redesign! The beauty that is soon to manifest blesses humanity. We are now watching as the dark ones resign themselves to the fact that a power shift is presently happening. Money has long been at the core of their ways. Our associates are taking this tool from them. Following this currency shift, there will be a return to precious metal-backed currencies. This is to eliminate the various tricks and schemes used by the dark to manipulate its many currencies. There is also a series of new bank regulations that will prevent several "tricks" used daily by the large international banks. These will precede the actual release of the prosperity funds and the rise of new governance. This new governance will set the stage for the general return of Common Law.
While all of this is happening, you are to receive the next steps in your physical transformation to full consciousness. Your main head chakras are to be readied for the introduction of two new chakras. This can cause increased headaches, general blurring of vision and different degrees of imbalance and nausea. Another set of difficulties can involve general tiredness and greater lapses in memory. These numerous symptoms are to be temporary. Once the various parts involved are set into place, these maladies will gradually disappear. Your brain can then be "rebooted" by the medical teams so you can experience a greater ability to remember events and work on any mental problem presented to you. We say this to properly ready you for what is about to occur. We are all to give you lessons after new governance is installed!
These new lessons are fundamentally to correct what the dark has fed you over the last few millennia. Full consciousness is to connect you to Gaia's and humanity's Akashic records. You require a prior knowledge of what really happened since your present amnesia. Spirit demands that the Truth be known and shared among you. This is one of our many responsibilities to you. You need to be able to assess this realm and decide what is good, relevant or just needs discarding. We need to establish our evolving collective and prepare you in every way possible for full consciousness. In addition, you need to be made aware of Agartha and the coming of your spiritual and space family. This grand reunion is to bless and alter this realm. It is to allow you to forge a true galactic society! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Today, we expanded on the events of the day! Much is now happening to bring down the dark and its octopus-like entanglement of minions and like-minded institutions, so that actions to bring you prosperity and permit new governance can manifest! We indeed live in a time of wondrous and Heaven-inspired events! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 USA
E-mail: | Website address:

More Illustrations at PAO~REFLECTIONS & BELOW ****

Webinar 48 Image

Welcome to PAO's Live Webinar for February
How conscious are we at present?
How far have we come since the Galactics began
upgrading our DNA and Chakra systems?
Are we ready yet?
Topics include... What is full consciousness?
How long will it take before we are vibrationally ready for this encounter?
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Benjamin Fulford - February 24, 2014: War in the Ukraine and more banker murders as cabal end-game begins

Benjamin Fulford - February 24, 2014: War in the Ukraine and more banker murders as cabal end-game begins
An Economicollapse triggers N.E.S.A.R.A. in the u.s. & then Globally G.E.S.A.R.A.
So as you read this lets hope We All March 4th together into the Epichanges.
Sheldan outlined a new timeline & Lots more, a Heart Lifting Webinar,
Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Grace of Our Ascension

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p.s. Included some Info from the Webinar Below, Enjoy...
Benjamin Fulford - February 24, 2014: War in the Ukraine and more banker murders as cabal end-game begins
The Eastern Europeans and Asians are mobilizing for some sort of big global push against the cabal over the coming days, according to Russian and Asian sources. The Russians say the latest shenanigans in the Ukraine meant the cabal had crossed a red line and that Russia was ready for war. The Asians were more secretive but nonetheless made it clear some sort of line had been crossed and that action was imminent.

Meanwhile, the Bush and Rockefeller families are planning to murder 1200 bankers over the coming days in order to hide evidence against them, according to Neil Keenan. The bankers will be young and mostly involved in algorithmic trading and manipulation of various financial markets, it is believed. Also, in a sign of how twisted these people’s minds are, it turns out that each banker death means great derivative profits, according to this article sent to me by alert readers:

In these circumstances, the White Dragon Society is offering protection to any bankers who fear for their lives in exchange for them making public what it is they have done to make them potential targets. Remember, there is no incentive to kill a person in order to silence them once the information is in the public domain. Also, because of all the publicity and suspicion surrounding the recent spate of banker deaths, from now own bankers will simply be disappeared and their bodies will never be found, Keenan says

The following people will be physically served with a cease and desist order by Keenan and his associates:

Also, last week the WDS had negotiations with the gnostic illuminati about what sort of post cabal regime is likely and desirable.

The gnostic illuminati claimed it was they who ousted the government of Viktor Yanukovych in the Ukraine, according to an illuminati grandmaster going by the name Alexander Romanov. It is true that the Yanukovych regime was overthrown despite an agreement by the governments of the EU and all the major political parties in the Ukraine, indicating the work of non-state actors. Romanov said his group hoped to foment similar regime changes in the rest of Europe as well as oust Vladimir Putin in Russia.

This group is also demanding a 100% inheritance tax in order to permanently end bloodline rule.

The WDS countered that a jubilee, or one time write off of all debts public and private, combined with a redistribution of fraudulently accumulated assets was a more benevolent and practical approach. It was explained that people who earned their money by creating wealth should be allowed to keep it and only those who got rich through depriving others should have their wealth confiscated. The illuminati grandmaster agreed with this approach.

However, they are insisting on criminal punishment for many of the world’s elite, as are Keenan’s group and many others while the WDS still believes justice and forgiveness is wiser than revenge.
In any case, the turmoil caused in the Ukraine is not going to end quietly. Here is what a Russian government source had to say about the situation:

“The Ukraine riots started by the US embassy have openly pissed off the entire world. The initial rioters had American baseball caps and brown shoes with laces. There are no brown shoe laces in Kiev and only I wear a baseball cap. Directly after the Olympics the entire Eastern bloc will be ready to move.”

The Olympics just ended and it is a good bet that the blue part of the Ukraine seen in the maps at this link will become part of Russia when the dust settles:

There is no way the Pentagon is going to start World War 3 with Russia and China over a Nazi/EU organized coup d’etat in the Ukraine and the Europeans alone will have their gas supplies cut off and will face certain defeat if they try any military aggression in the Ukraine.

In any case, the Ukraine may turn out to be a side show soon if the US government goes bankrupt this week as predicted by US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew or next week on March 4th as predicted by Grady Means, former assistant to Nelson Rockefeller.

If this does happen, we can expect all banks and ATMs as well as the internet and all credit cards to be shut down for a period of several days until the fraud can be cleaned out and a new system put online. During that time, emergency broadcast networks will be used to fill in the brainwashed sheeple on what has really been happening over the past 100 years since a small group of gangsters took over the process of creating and distributing money in the US.

This may not come to pass though because the cabal has proven itself to be extremely difficult to dislodge. At their recent G20 meeting held in Australia, and at other meetings they have held, they talk about confiscating money from private bank accounts in order to keep themselves going.

Neil Keenan, for his part, believes the cabal will crash the system just to scare people into obedience and thus strengthen their control. If they try such a thing, it is a pretty sure bet there will be a lot of chaos and a lot of nasty things happening before the dust finally settles into cabal defeat.

In Asia meanwhile, something is being planned but as mentioned above, exactly what remains a mystery. However, in what may have been a cryptic clue, somebody came from Kobe, Japan, home of the headquarters of the Yamaguchi Gumi, to show this writer a video of a man laughing hysterically as he throws a fish into the Pacific Ocean. Also, the pond at Inokashira Park in Tokyo, home to a shrine to the Goddess Benten who, according to legend, tamed the White Dragon and made it protector of the weak, has been drained and all the invasive foreign fish species have been removed. Watch this short Japanese language video to see it being done:
Perhaps it is nothing but if I were a Goldman Sachs gangster in Tokyo, I would be worried and might plan a vacation somewhere else for a while, just in case.




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