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I started my Inner Journey several decades ago by 1st learning to meditate & then becoming a teacher & putting people in Contact withe Source, Their Source. I worked with & Sponsored various highly evolved people, Healers, Clairvoyants & Developed Souls who showed me how to utilize their knowledge that strangely most couldn't discern or even hear.
Withe Various Techniques & Tools I've been given or fathomed thru close observation, I have had some interesting experiences & journeys within. This knowledge also made sense of other experiences & preceptions that I encountered thru life'situations thru the years.
Things like past lives or understanding another person patterns have opened to me as have my own. And as fascinating as all that is, my Aim is to Be Freed from this Illusion bringing as many as will come along EveNow. You can live in the World but don't have to take it seriously & in fact Joyfully & Easily get you much further to where you wanto be at any moment. 
I have shared thru my messages several of my inner connections like the ~Unknowable~ which is beyond the Relative & Absolute fields of Life,
Also drawing down The_Grace_of_Ishvara,_Our Almighty Father Mother God/dess & The Transformational Rainbow Forest Odyssey + many other Activations, Techniques & Connections from various teachers & messengers.
If they work & help & Lighten & Enlighten, I'm all for them & Share withose Ready.
And It is time to Get Ready or Not~Change is Upon Each & All of Us Beyond Sci~Fi or Middle Earth or Any Tales or Fables you've heard of.... We Are in the Midst of It.
Everything is Speeding Up SO BE READY!!!!!! 
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Become a Facilitator of Miracles by the Venus Beings

Breathing deeply, activate the love of the Creator present within all aspects of your being and body.

Ask this love to be present within your chakras, physical body, energy bodies,
mind and emotions now so you may experience it fully...
Joining withe Beings of Venus Activates Your Spiritual Aspects as with each of these Encounters.
We are Amplifying Our Abilities & bringing about both Inner & Outer Changes.
Be sure to Invite All your Spiritual Contacts into Your Odyssey each Day.
Our Powers Growith each Spiritual Experience Shaping Our Neworld,
Open to the Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Graced Love of Our Ascension

Become a Facilitator of Miracles by the Venus Beings

Become a Facilitator of Miracles by the Venus Beings
Channelled through Natalie Glasson 26th  May 2017 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
Our all-encompassing love extends to you now, awakening the presence and truth of love within your being. We are the Venus Beings; we continue to connect with the Earth and her humanity, sending our love vibrations to all. Our mission is to support Mother Earth in her evolution into a planet of love and to aid those who currently exist upon the Earth in achieving their love initiations and ascension. Our support is available to all; we have much to share with you and remind you of. We continue to aid all in recognising the wealth of love within their beings and essence, while encouraging many to realise the power of love, creating actions born from the essence of love within. Our greatest wish is for humanity to live and experience a life of love upon the Earth, experiencing the Creator’s love fully flowing through their beings. Through the embodiment, expression and experience of the Creator’s love, fulfilment is activated and created.
Many may say that to speak of and explore love so deeply and fully is to speak generally of the Creator, to lack focus and depth of knowledge. They may disbelieve in the power of love, recognise love and those who embody the Creator’s love as weak or feeble. The love of the Creator, its power and truth has yet to be explored fully and embodied by humanity, when this takes place humanity will realise that the love of the Creator is one of the most powerful and magical embodiments to experience while living upon the Earth. A realisation will dawn that the love of the Creator is the stepping stones into the heavens and inner planes. A pathway of embodiment, activation, remembrance and expression which leads you into the core essence of the Creator. Those that disregard the power of love, disregard the presence of the Creator, therefore without realising experience themselves as separate from the Creator. Our purpose is to support in reprograming your being with the Creator’s love to awaken a deep remembrance of truth.
Seed Codes
Today, we the Venus Beings, bring forth Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing. Seed Codes are akin to very pure vibrations of energy and light which can be embodied to transform and reprogram anything that is not of the same vibration. Seed Codes extend from the core and essence of an energy; they hold the purest frequency of Creator light and consciousness. It is often that Seed Codes hold a very specific purpose, they can unlock energies, bring forth powerful healing, awaken wisdom which seems to have been lost forever and distribute sacred information from one planet to another. Seed Codes allow expressions of the Creator such as yourself to recognise the oneness, similarity and unity of the Creator in existence within all, encouraging this to manifest divinely for the greatest good of all. We, the Venus Beings, are drawing upon the pure energy of our core, our Seed Codes and delivering them to the Earth and humanity where they will be embedded and synthesised to share sacred light, love and information from our planet of love to yours. We wish to invite you to transmit our Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing through your being into the Earth, humanity and your own being. Thus, embedding the Venus energy into the Earth to share healing with all as well as information concerning the power of love. The more souls upon the Earth to recognise and experience the power of love for themselves, the quicker Mother Earth’s ascension will become. All will accelerate forward in their spiritual evolution, experience the love of the Creator and all the beautiful qualities that love creates.
Facilitator of Miracles
Through transmitting the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing, we wish to invite you to become a Facilitator of Miracles, for yourself, the Earth and humanity. Love brings the truth of the Creator to the forefront of the conscious mind, it opens up and attracts new opportunities, expands possibilities and accelerates the speed of manifestation. Before we guide you in becoming a Facilitator of Miracles we wish to share with you our intention for the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing transmission. Our intention is to support all in recognising and experiencing the power of love within their beings, reality and spiritual growth. We wish to encourage many to realise that they embody love. This love can be used in beautiful, harmonious ways in their realities to support them in taking responsibility and experiencing fulfilment. When the Venus Seed Codes are shared, they will always awaken the power of love within a being; this may appear as if their determination, strength and inner power is awakening. They may feel inspired to be their truth, to share the Creator love and to assist others in doing so. When the power of love is activated miracles occur thus, you become a Facilitator of Miracles.
Becoming a Facilitator of Miracles:
  • Breathing deeply, activate the love of the Creator present within all aspects of your being and body. Ask this love to be present within your chakras, physical body, energy bodies, mind and emotions now so you may experience it fully.
  • Ask us, the Venus Beings, to support you by encompassing you in our energy of pure love. Our energy of love will magnify and empower the love present within your being, encouraging your experience of your inner Creator love to intensify.
  • Ask the Creator to be present with you, sending energy and love into your being with the purpose of reconnecting you to all that is the Creator. Thus, allowing the love of the Creator to flow with ease and perfection free from blockages or boundaries of any form. This may feel as if you are synthesising your energy with the Creator in a new way, as if the Creator is present observing all that you are with deep compassion, gratitude and love.
  • Invite us, the Venus Beings, to transmit our Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing into and through your being. We will surround your higher heart chakra, soul star chakra, casual chakra and throat chakra with intense vibrations of light as if we are cupping your chakras in our energetic hands. These chakras will assist in you receiving, understanding and delivering the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing. The Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing will be transmitted into all your chakras where they will merge and synthesise with your energy. Take time to feel and acknowledge the presence of the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing, recognising how they impact your being.
  • With a focus on each breath you exhale, allow and encourage your energy to expand to encompass all of humanity and Mother Earth.
  • From each of your chakras simultaneously energy flows as your chakras distribute the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing. Now humanity holds the same Seed Codes as you within their chakras, as does Mother Earth. Visualise, sense and acknowledge the Seed Codes present within all beings and Mother Earth.
  • Call us forth, the Venus Beings, to transmit our love throughout Mother Earth and humanity energising and intensifying the presence of love within all and the Seed Codes anchored. Let the energy build until you feel a powerful and pure vibration of love forming and radiating throughout all beings and the Earth.
  • Repeat out loud as if you are speaking to all beings and the Earth, ‘The Creator’s love is our power, love moves through us facilitating miracles and fulfilment.’ You may feel, sense or acknowledge the Seed Codes activating, radiating their light creating powerful and magical transitions. Observe the miracles that are being created and activated within Mother Earth, humanity and your being. These are being created on the energetic and etheric planes first before they anchor into the physical planes for all to experience. Observe the beauty and power of love unfolding. Even if you do not recognise or understand it, it is taking place with ease and perfection. You are reprograming all in order to awaken the power of love and facilitate miracles on the Earth. The more time you give to practising this exercise and transmission the more powerful it will become until you can recognise the powerful shifts and transmission the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing are creating. As well as recognising that they first are created in energetic or etheric form then with Become a Facilitator of Miracles by the Venus Beingsdivine timing you experience them on the physical Earth.
Through this process we, the Venus Beings, will begin to reveal to you the divine plan of the Creator for the Earth, humanity and your own existence, encouraging you to recognise with greater understanding how we, the Venus Beings, are supporting ascension and what to expect to experience in your near future and ascension. We, the Venus Beings wish to work in close collaboration with you in reawakening the presence and power of love on the Earth.
In eternal Creator love,

The Venus Beings


 G F UPDATE BY SHELDAN NIDLE 5-30-17 ~ FULFILL YOUR POTENTIAL are very close to receiving your heavenly blessings. Take this time now to sincerely formulate what is truly needed to be done.
Start at the appropriate beginning in your mind to see what you first need so you can start your project...
What is Now needed is to Align withigher Self thru Meditation & Visualization & Gather thesenergies
And Utilize them Fully with Confidence as if Everything needed has Already Totally Manifested.
Each Decides Their Part in this Play & whathey wish to Share withe World & That’s It,
Open to the Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Graced Love of Our Ascension


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

6 Chicchan, 8 Pax, 13 Caban
Dratzo! As before, the monies are gradually moving forward. Since this movement is proceeding in the most cautious manner, it is difficult for all of this to unfold as swiftly as we prefer. There are indeed scalawags and rapscallions everywhere. However, remember that there are those who are quite capable of ensuring the guaranteed safety of every shipment. The present procedures are therefore quite unnecessary. Thus, we ask that the methods we have so kindly suggested be vigorously adopted.
   When this takes place, we deeply believe that the current situation can be quickly remedied. At present, the ways employed stretch this payment system to a method even slower than one can imagine. We realize as noted before that the dark cabal is still able to retain vestiges of power. What is now required is to accelerate arrest cycles of the cabal and simply sweep them and their illegal USA, INC from power. There are in truth vast sums of gold and other precious metals to ensure a swift compliance to ending this sad reality and instead setting up NESARA and its wondrous flag!
   Let us do this as quickly as possible so we can eliminate all the odd agreements that are currently “gumming up” the works. The main purpose of all that has preceded this moment was simply to assure that the dark was properly vanquished and the Good carefully restored. It is true that the dark was everywhere. Let us then swiftly capture and isolate them from the general public. We stand ready as before to implement this process as quickly as our technology allows.
   What we are saying is for all who are involved to quickly establish NESARA and its marvelous Republic. As noted previously by us, it is taking too long to complete the first part of this divine mission. We are at your service to achieve a much swifter rollout of the current delivery system. It is essential as the old saying goes to "get on with it.” Let us work together, in safety, and in the knowing joy that all of this can indeed be completed in a faster and more secure way. At the beginning, the purpose of all this was to successfully isolate the dark. Let us in this spirit of a newfound allegiance go forth and finish this more quickly!
   Blessings! We are Your Ascended Masters! The great gifts from Heaven are finally being readied to bless you. Take this prosperity and pursue your dreams so each of you is able to achieve your passions. You are to learn much about yourselves and much more about how best to swiftly manifest your deepest passions. As you proceed, remember why you are doing this and help each other to achieve your sacred goals.
   What you are divinely doing is a full measure of how you can fulfill your potential. We are sure that you made a general sketch of how you truly intend to accomplish your long-held dream. It is our intention to help smooth the way for all who worked on this project with a good set of thoughts and actions. It is not easy to work in this realm especially if you do not have a well sketched-out plan sitting deep and protected in your mind’s eye. Develop this set of sensible thoughts and know in your heart that where possible We Masters can be summoned to help you manifest what is to aid humanity and this ever-changing realm.
   As noted at the beginning, you are very close to receiving your heavenly blessings. Take this time now to sincerely formulate what is truly needed to be done. Start at the appropriate beginning in your mind to see what you first need so you can start your project. Have contingencies for every possibility. As noted, we can help you. Call upon us as necessary and proceed with this blessed project to help humanity. In doing so, you can learn more about yourself in the process. We bless every one of you and just ask that you listen carefully to that inner voice that guides you. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
   Today, we continued to report on what is happening across this most beautiful orb. Before you act, go inside and begin with a good heart and a well-planned set of actions. Because of you, this world can soon be shifted into a new wondrous reality! Know, dear Ones, that the countless and never-ending supply of Heaven is yours! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 USA

E-mail: | Website address:

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Topics include...
Who are the Galactic Federation human first contact team members?
Who are the Dark Cabals? Why do they relentlessly create obstacles?
Why can't the GF arrive immediately? Why so many delays?
What can the GF do now to bring about the defeat of the Dark Cabals?
Are we as Light workers doing enough to help the GF? Could we do more?

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Saturday, May 27, 2017


I’venjoyedoing the Odyssey over the years & I wanted to share some of the ways to Amp things Up.
You’ll 1st wanto listen to Franciexplain various aspects of doing the Odyssey in her Magical Way.
Once you link in then you can do the whole T.O. or just a few minutesay under the Waterfall.
The Links & more abouthe Transformational Forest Rainbow Odyssey is included below.
You can go thru the Whole Odyssey each day or just spend whatever time you have.
The audio is there to familiarize you withe landscape so you can do it on your own.
I burn incense & light a candle and play soft music to stimulate the Visualizations.
Remember visualizing is the same as imagining which means we all can easily do it.
You can add the Violet Flame to the Unconditionalove & Universal Energy flowing them forth....

The Violet Flame comes thru St. Germaine, AA Michael, Ishvara & even the Unknowable.
Any or All of these sources bring in it’s Power, use whichever works for you most easily.
There is a Tree connecting you to your Higher Self which you can water withese energies.
Actually there’s a Tree for every person on Earth which we can water withelp of the Angels.
In fact we can water all the symbols starting athe mountaintop down to the forest & then Earth.
Into it’s Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs as Rain & Vapor, drinking water for people, animals, plants.
Actuallyou can Flood the Air, Earth, Electrical Grid & Time & Space, thoughts & Feelings even Memories.
Wherever you feel thesenergies will help Improve life & Ease in the Vast Coming Changes more Comfortably...

This Crucifix carries Great Power including Healing & Protection as it’s wood is from the Original Cross
on which Christ was crucified at Golgotha, Calvary. It can be put on each tree in the Odyssey & watered. 

Some have made photo copies of this & put them under their pillow or on the wall. Touch ito Your Heart.
Sai Baba manifested this & the story can be found on google or in my past postings....

Skanda the son of Shiva & brother of Ganesh carries a Lance tipped with Mother Divinenergies.
You can touch ito any symbol or part of the Odyssey or Earth saying or thinking SKANDA, SKANDA, SKANDA
very purifying & clearing.

Skanda is considered the General & also the Treasurer & the Prototype for the New Human...

Bruno Groening healed 6,000+ people in one day which was verified by themany others left before being interviewed.
He calls ithe Healing Stream which comes from God, Bruno said he’s just being a small transformer for thenergies.

His neck would swell up quite large as he absorbed the negativity as the Healings took place.
He still heals thru the Circle oFriends, I connect withim in the Odyssey & Open to his Healing Stream.
You can send The Healing Stream down thru the Odyssey touching each Symbol & reaching anyone on Earth...

The Golden Grace of Ishvara, Our Almighty Father*Mother God*dess can be called on in any Quality we choose.
& added to the Odyssey as Peace, Prosperity, Joy, Fulfillment, Strength, Protection, Insight, Creativity...

I mentioned the Unknowable which is beyond the Relative & the Absolute & Far Vaster then Both.
We’re connected to Ithru a Point of Light or heat on our body which we Activate thru Focusing on It.
It is a Great Amplifier, Unknowable Light, Love, Healing, Possibilitieso we combine or use what feels good.
All of these & others you invoke will bring about Greater Change Rapidly, even if we just spend
5 or 10 minutes a day or at night as we head to sleep this is especially refreshing & relaxing...

All of this effects Our Ascension & NESARA But we can send thesenergies to the U.S. Treasurer
to TV, Radio & Internet Newseeing NESARANNOUNCED & All it’s Benifits moving into Play.
Directly or indirectly we are smoothing the Way as NESARA islid outo be Viewed by All,
p.s. Please read on & familiarize yourself withe Odyssey as We make it a Memorable Victorious Weekend

********* YOUR OWN LIGHT CHAMBER *********

This is like Being in Your Own TransformationaLight Chamber. You have an opportunity to walk thru the Celestial Forest each day for just a few minutes or as long as you like. Here is the connection to this Precious Gift given by a Race of Enlightened Beings leaving the Cosmos & placing it on the Inner Planes of Solar Systems as a means to help in Our Evolution. You can stand under the Waterfall of UnconditionaLove for a few minutes or exchangenergy with your Tree connecting you to your Higher Self. Or You can just walk around & enjoy the Splendor in a Forest, where blind people are able to See & the deaf can Hear. A variety of life improvements have been reported by the 1,000s of people who  learned The Transformational Odyssey... I use it myselfor years & It’s grown more potent. It makes yoU Independent & Self Reliant among many things as you attune to Higher Self thru the Odyssey, It’s Energy & It’symbols.
*******Listen to the audio at least once so you are Connected & Gethe Full Benefit****** each time you enter the Celestial Forest. (Be sure to Turn off phones etcause you do go deep into the subtle.)
It is Extreme Importanthat more people spend at least a few minutes in the T.O. each day to counter all the chaotic energies in the world athis timextremely Important We Become Powerful Centers of Light & Love & Stablity in Greater Attunement with Our Higher Self.
The Audio is available now, Francie was also a Healer as well as the Custodian of the Transformational Odyssey & she healed over 8,000 people & taughthe Odyssey to 27,000+ before her passing.
Please feel free to share this message with all who would like a pleasant haven to visit each day.
We can Smooth Outhe Roughness the world is going thru & Benefit Greatly Ourselves.
This is Freely Given & Francie’s Energies are Presento Guide yoU & take yoU each step of the Way.
I usually keep my messageshort buthis is Most Important & I’m been Inspired to Share Francie’s Gifto Humanity.
In any case have Fun, enjoy the Odyssey, the many benes & the relaxation it brings,
p.s. More Follows.... And Remember Listening to the Audio makes the Transforming Magic YOURS......
 AUDIO for ****The Transformational Odyssey ****
I am sharing the audio for The Transformational Odyssey & have ~Freely~ posted them online,
here are the links....
1st Link is called *7 Golden Keys*, It is the Beginning of the Transformational Odyssey....
Francie takes you thru the Odyssey in a most Beautiful Way. (MAY NEED TO PASTE LINKS?)
In The 2nd Link you go Deeper into *The Transformation Odyssey* effecting changeach Visit.
You can then copy it &/or listen to at your convenience until you can venture thru the T.O. by m-e-m-o-r-y.
This is for Those who want something Very Special. It was Given to Us by an Enlightened Race of Beings.
There are many benefits as you go thru the Odyssey daily, I love it, started in ‘92 & continueach day.
It’s good after meditating or as a meditation, a tune up to Higher Self and a Chakra Enlivening.
Many benefits have been reported by those doing the Odyssey, physical, emotional & Spiritual.
I’ve been amazed how it enhances our abilities & how the benefits carryover thruouthe days. 

Open to the Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Graced Love of Our Ascension

 **** Manifesting Our Dreams Thru The Odyssey **** Fun ~ Instantly Uplifting
Here's a condensed version of the Odyssey to speed things along..........
Please take your time to gethenergies flowing & allow yourself a chance to Go Deep 
Now if you're unfamiliar withe Transformational Odyssey, it's a Forest visualization
where you just imagine or see yourself walking in the woods.
My friend & teacher Francie who taught me, said it came from a Race of Enlightened Beings
who placed it on the inner planes of various solar systems as they passed thru this galaxy
to help evolving races. She was the custodian & traced it back to Sumeria.
She was also a healer, doctors would send her patients they couldn't help.
The blind can see & the deaf can hear in the Odyssey, it's a potent magical place.
You can burn incense, a candle & put on some music in the background, this helps activate changes.
So Here we go, you will read & remember.:.
1) See yourself under a Waterfall, it's flowing down from above a mountain.
This water is Unconditionalove, let it flow over you & into your chakras.
Do this for a~minute or 2  .......Right....Now............ENJOY
2) Look down and You'll see a Cup, you may pick it up, dip it in the waters, wash it
& take a drink or several & then put it in your pocket.
3) You'll see your 'Tree' in the forest, It represents your Evolving Self,
walk over to it & put your hands around it & exchangenergy with it
1st draw down your Higher Energies & then release your lower energies
yin/yanging the energies into your left hand and outhe right hand
for a few minutes. Try it now.....beforeading on, it'll help enrich your energies......
4) Now see yourself on the Mountain sending down waves of water flowing to the trees.
There are literally millions & even billions of trees thuout this Vast Forest.
A tree for every human evolving thru this planet, Our Mother Earth.
This enlivens every human subtly & powerfully each time you do this...............
5) Also as you look down you can see a bear by the stream & as you send water flowing
the bear drinks & jumps into the water playing.
Is it a male or female bear? Mine would talk to me after awhile..Hey Boo Boo....Hey Yogi
6) There is also a Huge White Crystal on top of the mountain.
You can yin/yang or penetrate it, absorbing the energy, take a minute, feeling this..........
It was a gift I'm sharing & as you do this you activate your 3rd eye, Heart & palm chakras.
Send thesenergies into the foresto the trees, streams, bears, cups & to Mother Earth.
Beautiful Waves of Rainbow Light & Mists of the Water of Love flowing about
as we accentuate & Uplift Everyone including our Mother Earth..............
You can come here anytime to refresh yourself under the waterfall
or recharge your energy thru your tree & always finish by sending water to your tree,
(& all the trees) plus your bear & by washing your Cup which represents your Heart.
You can do this after meditation, before or afteresting or whenever it's quiet,
Refresh & Balance yourself, Relaxing for a minute as you finish...... 
These are some aspects of the healing energies you can share & experience...
You can send this energy thru your Heart at any~time you feel to during the day.
The Odyssey amplifies thesenergies substantially & revitalizes.
Hope this is of value to you as you can do it as often as you like........
It is now Fully Activated,
     A Heart Melting in the Glow of Grace 
p.s. There's also a grotto with a pool you can rest in beneathe waterfall
anytime you wanto even as you go to sleep but you might drown in Love.
Hey I warned ya, HaHaHaHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
If not, you don't know Jack :))~((:
The Seven Golden Keys of The Transformational Odyssey.

In The 2nd Link you go Deeper into The Transformation Odyssey effecting changeach visit.


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