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I started my Inner Journey several decades ago by 1st learning to meditate & then becoming a teacher & putting people in Contact withe Source, Their Source. I worked with & Sponsored various highly evolved people, Healers, Clairvoyants & Developed Souls who showed me how to utilize their knowledge that strangely most couldn't discern or even hear.
Withe Various Techniques & Tools I've been given or fathomed thru close observation, I have had some interesting experiences & journeys within. This knowledge also made sense of other experiences & preceptions that I encountered thru life'situations thru the years.
Things like past lives or understanding another person patterns have opened to me as have my own. And as fascinating as all that is, my Aim is to Be Freed from this Illusion bringing as many as will come along EveNow. You can live in the World but don't have to take it seriously & in fact Joyfully & Easily get you much further to where you wanto be at any moment. 
I have shared thru my messages several of my inner connections like the ~Unknowable~ which is beyond the Relative & Absolute fields of Life,
Also drawing down The_Grace_of_Ishvara,_Our Almighty Father Mother God/dess & The Transformational Rainbow Forest Odyssey + many other Activations, Techniques & Connections from various teachers & messengers.
If they work & help & Lighten & Enlighten, I'm all for them & Share withose Ready.
And It is time to Get Ready or Not~Change is Upon Each & All of Us Beyond Sci~Fi or Middle Earth or Any Tales or Fables you've heard of.... We Are in the Midst of It.
Everything is Speeding Up SO BE READY!!!!!! 
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Planet Alert October 2013 + Mahala On Demand 9/30/13

Create & Recreate from Your Heart, Anytime take a few m0ments, minutes to visualize. Sit in thenergy of Your Heart ~ Feel It Happening and Reshaping Youreality,

Cosmic Contacts with Pam Mahala World Astrologer - ON DEMAND (Is Archived)

Listen Anything Shortly after today's 9/30/13 Broadcast. It'll say on demand...

If you think time has been moving fast, just wait to see how fast events move from now on...

Planet Alert October 2013

How is your life going? Are you totally happy and in bliss, or do you still experience the trauma that is going on in the rest of the world? My life is alright until I turn on the news and see what is going on in the world. It appears like the world has gone mad and people are out of control. This is not the way I choose to experience life. Guess it’s time to stop watching the news and stay in my bubble of happiness.
This past full moon and the Fall Equinox were very hard on my body. I think I am experiencing major transformation. I looked to see what the planets were doing and discovered that the planetary aspect that is affecting me is not over until the end of September. Has anyone else been experiencing neck and shoulder pain?
I know we all create our own reality and there are also a lot of other people creating their own reality. There are so many different realities on Earth that it amazes me. If I hear someone talking about doom and gloom I tell myself ‘That is not my reality’. ‘All is well in my world.’ If you still get angry and upset about events and want to fight, you are adding to the negative energy of the world. Now is the time for peace, not war.
The North Node is still in Scorpio and will be there until February of 2014. Saturn will stay there until September of 2015. The Middle East and Russia will be in the spot light until Saturn moves out of that sign. Pluto, the transformer has been affecting the United States with lots of storms and flooding. The opposite side of the world has also been having lots of storms, especially China. In October the west coast USA will have intense energy toward Earth changes like wind storms, rain storms, or possibly quakes. Libra is a wind sign. Today it is raining really hard here in Seattle.
Russia and China will now be playing a major part in the world and here is what is occurring. We have been waiting for a new financial system to occur for a long time and as of September 6, 2013 it is now a working system. I was sent an article written by Lindsey Williams. It was from the web site . It says “On September 11, Pastor Lindsey Williams, former minister to the global oil companies during the building of the Alaskan pipeline, announced the most significant event to affect the U.S. dollar since its inception as a currency. China announced its intention to bypass the dollar for global oil customers and began selling the commodity using their own currency”.
“On Thursday, September 6, China made the official announcement. China said on that day, our banking system is ready (BRICS = Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), all of our communication systems are ready, all of the transfer systems are ready, and as of that day, September 6, the dollar will no longer be the primary oil currency as China begins to sell oil using Yuan”.
“This announcement by China is one of the most significant changes in the global economic and monetary systems, although it was barely reported in the news. The ramifications of this new action are vast, and could very well be the catalyst that brings down the dollar as the global reserve currency, and change the entire landscape of how the world purchases energy”.
Lindsey Williams also says “This has never happened in the history of crude oil. Since crude oil became the motivating force behind our (US) entire economy, and everything in our lives revolves around crude oil. And since crude oil became the motivating factor behind our economy…never ever has crude oil been sold, bought, and traded, in any country in the world, without using the American dollar”.
On Friday, Sept 7, Russia announced that as of today, we will supply China with all of the crude oil they need; no matter how much they want-there is no limit. These duo actions by the two most powerful adversaries of the U.S. economy and empire have now joined in to make a move to attack the primary economic stronghold that keeps America as the most powerful economic superpower. The world changed last month, and there was nary a word spoken by anyone”.
Vladimir Putin wants to express his power for a while. His reign will probably last as long as Saturn is in Scorpio. His sun is on 13 degrees Libra, which makes it part of the cardinal cross that is being activated right now. He was born on October 7, 1953. This cross is what is activating his desire for power.
In the past when I read the part in the Bible that talks about how Russia and China would join together to attack the U.S, I thought that meant a real physical war. It appears this means an economic war which is happening right now. There is a bright side to this event. The U.S. has so much oil that once we open up our new oil fields we will become self-sustaining energy wise. Or maybe the new technology that has been kept on hold for so long will be brought forward and we will start to have a new form of pollution free energy.
Light Workers are looking for a different type of financial system to manifest. One is NESARA, and the other is the reevaluation of the Iraq Dinar. I have heard rumors that the reevaluation of the Dinar is close to manifesting. I Hope that is true. I read an article in the USA Today paper on September 24, 2013 about the Iraq Dinar. I think it is a good sign it might happen when it comes out in the regular news.
The chart of the USA Sun is on 13 degrees Cancer and Jupiter is there now. Jupiter is considered a money planet and I see this as a good sign that our economy will be alright for now. I have always felt that the US economy will not crash, it will just change. It has been in the process of change since September of 2011, and definitely since 2008. September of 2001 to September of 2013 is the end of a 12 year cycle and now a new cycle has started.
The Fall Equinox had a very intense chart. Did you know that the asteroid Ceres was on 11 degrees Virgo, at the top of the chart, and if you use that asteroid in the chart it made another Star of David. The Star was in Earth and Water signs. Have you been able to integrate that energy yet? I am still in the process. And now we have the cardinal cross being activated. If you think time has been moving fast, just wait so see how fast events move from now on.

There are so many events happening now that it is hard to keep up with everything. We are definitely in the time when the controllers are coming down. Look at what is going on in the Vatican. Did you ever think you would see a Pope like this one? He is changing everything. The Vatican bank is, and has been, the top controlling force in the world. For that to change is really quite amazing to me. If interested check out and then look for the official web site and click on letters. There are a couple of very interesting letters in there written by the Pope. One is dated July 11, 2013 and the other August 8, 2013.
Then we have a full moon lunar eclipse coming up on October 18, 2013 and a solar eclipse on November 3. Eclipses are always an intense experience. The lunar one will be on 25 degrees Aries/Libra. The 25 Libra degree affects money and the new $100 bills will start circulating on October 8, 2013. The degree of 25 Aries is a peace loving degree. We’ll see what happens with this activation.
You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. Quote by Buckminster Fuller
***** Mahala Gayle *****
I’m sorry I have not been able to answer everyone’s emails to me; I do the best I can. Donations are always appreciated and anyone wanting to share their new found fortune with me can go to and look for Thanks in advance, and love and light to everyone. So Be It!

The Glory of the Real You will Dazzle and Amaze You

There are really only two choices that you can make: (1) accept the Love that is constantly offered to you or (2) reject It. The first choice is permanent, eternal, while the second is only temporary...

Love makesuch Fools of Us All & there are No Exceptions as The Beloved Smiles intOur Heart,

The glory of the Real You will dazzle and amaze you

The awakening process that humanity is engaged in is intensifying . . . daily! Much is happening on your world as a result of the escalating power of the divine embrace in which you are so firmly but lovingly held. And much of it is now beginning to be reported on the mainstream news channels. The intent of the human collective is also strengthening as more and more of you turn away from all that is unloving and focus on sending love and assistance to those who are desperately in need.
The divine Light in which the planet is now bathed is irresistible, and the planet herself is transmitting vast quantities of multicolored rays outwards as a loving gesture to all of creation. She makes a magnificent sight as she shines with a brilliance far greater than any other Light source in your galaxy. It is an open invitation to all who would like to participate in the momentous events that are coming to fruition in your vicinity, just as God intends.
This truly is a wondrous time to be incarnate as humans on planet Earth. Focus on the marvelous advances you have made along your collective spiritual evolutionary path, while continuing to hold the intent for humanity to awaken, for that intent has become extremely compelling and is achieving more stunning results every day. You cannot be unaware of this as the mainstream news continues to report on the new revelations that whistleblowers everywhere are disclosing daily. Transparency is the new norm, and that which was hidden is being unveiled, thus disabling all attempts to make corrupt and dishonest deals secretly in any organization, and ensuring that they fail.
The New Age is one of undiminished Light before which all darkness melts away, and as those who have chosen to work in the dark, or with the dark, find themselves unable to avoid being in the Light, they will mostly choose to embrace it and mend their ways – the vast majority – while a tiny minority who have chosen to remain in the dark will be found somewhere else to carry on playing their unfortunate and unhappy games.
Your free will is always honored even when it seems that you will be harmed by your choices. There are really only two choices that you can make: (1) accept the Love that is constantly offered to you or (2) reject It. The first choice is permanent, eternal, while the second is only temporary because it is impossible to permanently reject Reality by clinging to the unreality of the illusion. Eventually there will be no dark corners in which to hide from the Light, because even the most damaged amongst you want to return to Reality, and when they choose to do so their cloaks of darkness will dissolve and they too will awaken in joy.
God’s plan is a plan of Love that eternally includes every part, every aspect of the divine creation. In other words all that exists is Love which embraces fondly and permanently all parts of Itself in joyous harmony. The illusion that you built in which to play your clumsy and infelicitous games is like a small stage behind a dark curtain where you have chosen to pretend that you are living lives that are controlled and limited by forces and circumstances beyond your influence and comprehension. It is a very small environment that in your limited state of consciousness appears to be vast, almost infinite, and it is, in truth, nothing but a dream or a nightmare, depending upon the experiences that each has chosen to undergo within it.
After apparently eons spent within it, the time for you to awaken is now upon you. You are effectively tidying away all the props and costumes that your games and theatrical performances required, that are no longer needed, and to which you had attached such a strong sense of reality. You have all been playing your parts very convincingly, and as a result, it takes quite an effort for you to move out of the mannerisms and behaviors of the characters that you have been playing for so long and return to being your real divinely created Selves.
In the spiritual realms all the stops have been pulled out as we pour our love and our assistance out upon you as you enter the final stages of your awakening process. You experience this in a variety of ways because you have been engaged in playing so many different kinds of characters and their individual characteristics have become rather ingrained – you have an expression that is quite appropriate here: “someone who is very set in their ways.”
What is coming up for you is a growing awareness of all these various parts that you have been playing and of the characteristics that you took on to make them appear convincing. Many of them are definitely not at all attractive, and because you have done such a good job of immersing yourselves in these parts it is hard for you to believe that these aspects of yourselves, which are coming up for review and release, are like the illusion itself: unreal and illusory.
What we in the spiritual realms are doing is helping you remember that you are, and always have been, beings of Love, so that you can recognize the unreality of all that you have been experiencing and discard the imaginary characters you have been holding firmly in your minds so that they would seem real for the duration of these games. You are not the beings that, as humans, you appear to be, and the reality of that is about to dawn as you cease your role-playing and fully embrace the true You that you are uncovering within. The glory of that “You,” the Real You, will absolutely dazzle and amaze you. Intense joy awaits you.
With so very much love, Saul.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cosmic Contacts with Mahala @ 4:30 PCTime Monday 9/30/13

Mahala gives Useveral perspectives on the happening & abouto happen Changes,
Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Grace of Our Ascension

SpecialPosts@PAO~REFLECTIONS Add Yours...
Cosmic Contacts with Pam and Mahala
By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on September 29th, 2013
Radio Show Announcement from Pam.
Hello Everyone, its Cosmic Contacts time. To access the show www.blogtalkradio/renford
This Monday, 9/30/13 CST 6:30 pm. NYC 7:30 pm & LA 4:30 pm
Mahala World Astrologer, writer, lecturer, minister, intuitive, will be sharing upcoming planetary events for October.
Her interviews are extremely interesting and knowledgeable.
Get on line early you do not want to miss a minute of the call.
If you have a question call 347-838-9142.
From the Pam/Angelworks


Be open to receive the good that has always been waiting for you. As you move forward, keep looking for and acknowledging all the good that is pouring into your lives on a daily basis as this action will continue to bring more of this into manifestation....

The Tube of Light Decree is enclosed below, as now is the Time to Make The Moment Ours,


September 29-October 5, 2013

Beloved Ones,
Many of you are beginning to see and feel the light at the end of the tunnel now. All that you have been experiencing in your cleansing phase during the past several years is coming to completion. What is important now is to continue to maintain your higher vibrations on a daily basis, as this makes the way forward easier and more filled with grace and ease. You have been slowly finding that ecstasy is your new frequency and the moments of experiencing states of joy are becoming more and more frequent. This state is your natural state of being so welcome it into your lives.
You are also beginning to see that what you intend in your lives becomes manifest. It is a magical time when all that you have dreamt of is coming into your reality in ways that are wondrous and amazing. Be open to receive the good that has always been waiting for you. As you move forward, keep looking for and acknowledging all the good that is pouring into your lives on a daily basis as this action will continue to bring more of this into manifestation. Realize that all the good that you are deserving of is now coming in as the blockages that have held it back are quickly dissipating.
Continue to keep centered within your core and all will be well. You may be experiencing strange sensations within areas of your physical body that are continuing the changes and transformation of your physical body into your higher dimensional body template. When this happens, just breathe and relax and it will soon pass. It is important to also protect your own energy field from the increasingly fluctuating energies that surround you. Repeating the Tube of Light decree several times a day will help surround your energy field with the light of your higher essence. Each of you are well aware of this activity but sometimes as you get caught up in your daily activities, you forget this most important discipline.
The energies are being stepped up in frequency yet again so it is important that you stay in equilibrium as much as possible. Again, we advise more time spent outdoors surrounded by nature, as this is very soothing, healing and grounding to your physical, mental and emotional being. Staying connected with the Earth helps in the process you are all going through. There are many changes on the horizon and it helps to be ready to flow with them without resistance for it is the resistance that makes your life more difficult. Know that you are never alone and are always surrounded by your guides, angels and teachers. We are but a thought away and ready to be of service.
It behooves you all to watch and observe the signs of change around you. In this way you are always ready and prepared and won’t fall into trauma of any kind. Believe in the power of love within you and watch it grow and expand. All of life is changing and going through a metamorphosis and the end result is being heralded with great anticipation. This process naturally will take time to become manifest in everyday existence. Patience is the most helpful quality during these times.



Tube of Light
(3 times)
Beloved Mighty I AM Presence!
Enfold me now in Thy Mighty, Magic, Electronic Pillar of Ascended Master Light Substance!
Make it so Powerful that no human creation can pass through ever again.
Within this Mighty Tube of Light, blaze Thy Violet Transmuting Flame in, through, and around my four lower bodies and consume everything less than Thy Perfection now.
In its place, charge my world and all I contact with the Ascended Master Consciousness and with the Substance and Consciousness of each one of the Ascended Masters’ Living Presence and Activity right now.
See that this Light keeps me invisible, invincible, and invulnerable to everything but Thy Almighty Presence and infinitely sensitive to Thee and Thy Divine Perfection.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

SPECIAL POST: S N Webinar Points for Sept 2013

I will be leaving Special Messages & Information Linked Below as it is Available

You are Warmly Welcomed to View Join & Participate with Uplifting messages,


Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Grace of Our Ascension
SpecialPosts@PAO~REFLECTIONS Add Yours...

   SPECIAL POST: S N Webinar Points for Sept 2013


There is no sin


The Play is Ending as are Our Parts in it, All the props & settings to be dismantled.
Awardshared as the Characters Congradulateach other & Back Home Again,
Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Grace of Our Ascension
Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Grace of Our Ascension

There is no sin

Many of you are experiencing emotional turmoil as your unaddressed issues keep bursting into your awareness in ways that seriously unsettle you but which do not seem to have any identifiable cause. All you need to do is acknowledge them. There is absolutely no need at all to identify a cause or a lesson that they might be presenting to you which requires you to offer restitution or self-abasement. By simply accepting them and letting them be – letting them, as it were, rest in your conscious awareness – you release your attachment to them so that they can pass through, as they will, rather like the weather.
It is a case of allowing yourselves to forgive yourselves for any and all errors and mistakes, including any belief that some of your deeply buried and unrecognized thoughts, words, or actions may have seriously harmed others. Your discomfort arises from unacknowledged issues that you have denied because you fear that you have done things and taken part in activities that are unforgivable. But all that is part of the illusion and in truth never happened – because it is illusory, unreal. You are all beings of Love, and although you have at times apparently “misbehaved,” it is now time for you to release any guilt, shame, or emotional suffering by allowing it to pass through your minds without engaging with it. Love is reasserting Itself as your true Essence and dissolving every remaining unreal and unloving aspect of yourselves that you have clung to, along with the illusion itself.
There is no sin. All consciousness is one with God, Who is infinite Love in infinite abundance, and therefore every conscious entity is and always has been pure Love – and nothing else. That is difficult for you to grasp as you observe the conflicts on Earth, both present and from your long history, and the immense amounts of suffering that they have caused. In the illusion there is and has been much suffering that humanity has experienced as very, very real, but you are all on your paths out of the illusion and home to Reality where your true presence has always been, and where you remain, eternally present. Love is your nature, and at the depths of your essence, as you experience it in the illusion, you have no desire and never have had the desire or intent to hurt or offend anyone, even though you have engaged in a game of doing so. Love – you, as you truly are – could never intend anything that is in the slightest way unloving because there is nothing that is unloving.
Within the illusion that incontrovertible truth seems impossible to believe or accept, and that is why you find it so difficult to forgive, unless and until you have seen the guilty one – yourself or another – discovered, judged, blamed, shamed, and punished. This is the biggest stumbling-block on your path to awakening: non-forgiveness. The absolute essentiality of forgiving, if personal peace and self-acceptance is to be achieved, is now recognized by mainstream psychology. It is a very recent recognition. Previously, and for eons, all that is unforgiving was believed to be normal because even the gods you had invented would not forgive. In the last one hundred years enormous progress has been made by humanity on its spiritual path of evolution, as shown just by your recognition of this one momentous but long-denied truth.
Nevertheless, there are still many on Earth who, because of the pain and suffering they have undergone in their present lives or in past ones, are unable and unwilling to accept that forgiveness is a loving balm that heals all wounds. Those of you reading or listening to this know this is the truth, but some of you also have difficulty with it because of your own personal and very intense suffering, or, more likely, due to your awareness of and involvement in the apparently utterly unjustifiable suffering that others are undergoing.
So when you go within to that quiet and inviolate inner space to which each of you has access, ask those in the spiritual realms on whom you call for help to assist you in understanding and then accepting that forgiveness is the balm that heals all wounds. Then practice forgiving. Not conditional forgiving: “Only if that person acknowledges their error, apologizes, or promises never again to make it, will I forgive them!” But unconditional forgiving. . . forgiving without any conditions at all. By doing so you release the charge you have on the one you are forgiving, and the words or actions which caused you pain no longer fester in your mind, demanding restitution or an apology which may never be forthcoming. By holding on to offenses committed against you, you deny yourselves healing and cause yourselves further pain. By forgiving, you free yourselves; your stress levels fall, and you start to live in the now moment where you can enjoy smelling the roses.
Keep reminding yourselves: “Forgiveness is the loving balm that heals all wounds.” Deep within, you know this is the truth, so practice it until it becomes automatic, and enjoy the peace, the calm, and the freedom it brings you. And when you have forgiven, a most amazing thing will happen. Because, Love having filled your heart, you will realize that in truth there was never anything to forgive. . . because there is only Love. . . which can never be hurt, offended, or angered. It can only Love!
Your loving brother, Jesus.

Any blame, shame, or punishment hurts all of humanity!

The awakening of humanity is almost upon you. Yes, you have been hearing this for some considerable time, and that is because you, through humanity’s collective intent, is bringing it about and you need to be regularly reminded to hold the intention for it to happen. You also need to hold the intention to be constantly loving as you release all within yourselves that is not in alignment with the divine field of Love that forever embraces you. The vast majority of you want to be loving, nevertheless, many also hold a deep desire to see the “wrongdoers” on your world exposed and shamed, and even possibly punished for their nefarious activities.
You have all at some time been wrongdoers, and over many human lifetimes you have learnt that by being wrongdoers you hurt yourselves as much as you hurt others, but it is easy to forget that when you are incarnate as humans – amnesia is one of the limitations with which you have to deal. Consequently, we keep reminding you so that you remain focused on your task to be loving always and thus help humanity to awaken. Many of the present wrongdoers are being exposed, but you must release your charge on seeing them blamed and punished for the various atrocities that they have perpetrated – REMEMBER all are one! Any blame, shame, or punishment hurts all of humanity!
You are all divine creations of infinite value, infinitely and unconditionally loved by your heavenly Father – who wills only Love and never punishment for His children – and in order to return to His Presence you must release all that is not in harmony with His loving intent for all of His creation. Many of you have discovered that by daily making the intent to be only loving your stress levels and your fears and anxieties have been considerably reduced. When you are at peace within it is far easier to be loving, which is why it is essential to your well-being that you enter your quiet inner space frequently, even if only for a moment, to renew your intentions. When you feel truly at peace you have no desire to attack, punish, or shame anyone. And regular meditation, or just relaxation, as you rest in that place of inner stillness strengthens your ability to remain peaceful even when there is chaos all around you.
Your loving intent, your loving presence is extremely powerful; it acts as a profoundly stabilizing influence on those in your vicinity, calming the energies of fear that can lead to conflict and encouraging all to seek peaceful solutions to issues that concern or worry them. And in your energy field, that you hold and share with those around you, miracles will occur. You desire miracles, you can create miracles, so intend to do so. Expect them, and enjoy the results. As more and more of humanity turns to Love the numbers of miracles will also increase as will their significance, reinforcing and strengthening your awareness of them.
Miracles should occur frequently because your nature is Love, and Love loves miracles because they are God’s Will for you. You open yourselves to creating miracles when you open fully to Love and let go of fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety are negative intentions that prevent miracles, so let your faith in your divine nature intensify until you feel very secure in it, then there will be no space for fear or any of its unpleasant aspects. When you let go of fear, all sense of need for security or defenses evaporates because you are then aware that you are secure and that no further precautions or defenses are required to provide something you have always had.
Fear expects things to go wrong, that accidents or catastrophes will happen, and it encourages you to take precautions to limit the damage that may occur. But focusing your attention there is akin to intending that things go wrong, and the power of your intent is awesome. Many of you have experienced this, when things you greatly feared came to pass. Where you focus your attention is where you focus your intent; so focus on Love.
In this New Age, the field of divine energy enveloping Earth and all her inhabitants is far stronger and more effective than it has ever been in your entire history because humanity has made the decision to awaken from the illusion. That decision is irreversible. It means that the corner has been turned from fear to Love, and the effects of that decision are being seen more and more clearly all over the planet. Situations that had seemed insoluble or likely to extend humanity’s suffering are losing their fearful intensity, their sense of impending conflict, and they are recasting themselves as situations in which those involved find themselves opening to Love and allowing compassionate discussion to supersede any desire for competitive confrontation that would lead to winners and losers. Instead, an arena in which all will win has replaced the arena of mistrust, betrayal, and war that humanity has used for so long that it had come to believe that there was no other adequate way to resolve conflicts. Even though those ways never worked!
You are fully enveloped in the New Age with its light and loving energies. You know that! Deep within yourselves you do know, and when you enter your space of quiet inner peace you can feel it. Focus on it, remind yourselves that it is true, and then wholeheartedly accept and embrace the Love that is sweeping and swirling all around you, and intend that all of humanity feel it and engage with it, and bring yourselves and humanity out of the dark dream that has brought you so much suffering.
With so very much love, Saul.

Friday, September 27, 2013

9-27-13 ~ Era of Love Pioneer by Master Lanto

I am Devotion and I am Light. I clear my entire being of all that hinders and blocks my experience of my devotion and
light allowing the birthing and awakening of my devotion and light into my current reality and being.....

Era of Love Pioneer by Master Lanto
Channelled through Natalie Glasson-
Dear and gentle souls of the light I greet you with honour and truth. I am Master Lanto, an ascended master and
Chohan of the sixth ray of light replacing Master Jesus in overseeing this sacred expression of the Creator. I come to
you with the purpose of encouraging you to enhance and discover the light of your being while also intensifying your
inner devotion.
Upon the Earth you are moving from fear into love, from darkness into light, from duality into oneness, this is such an
amazing transformational process that is occurring within your being and projecting into your reality. Such
transformations require you to be gentle, loving and patient with yourself. You will see aspects of yourself emerging
from within your being and from within others, you may dislike that which you recognise as emerging but there is a
need to not take the tremendous releasing process occurring so personally. Do not allow yourself to become
attached to what emerges from within you whether it is of a negative or positive vibration. The greatest tool that can
be used at this time of ascension is observation. When energies or even your perspective shifts from darkness to
light or negative to positive within your being this signifies a great clearing and a deep awakening of the Creator
within you. That which emerges may be habits from your past or pain from past lifetimes. It is important to value each
realisation of yourself, actions and perceptions as powerful and treasured shift into the Era of Love. We are all
existing in the Era of Love now, even the ascended masters on the inner planes. This symbolises that there is now
the opportunity to experience complete and absolute love in your reality and as your reality. It has never before been
so obtainable to exist in love eternally upon the Earth and so it is a supreme and great gift to be given and to accept
from the Creator and Mother Earth.
You have been granted such an experience because you contracted to be a pioneer of love on the Earth. There are
always souls who are required to pave the way in new eras, to demonstrate to others how one can utilise the tools,
gifts and possibilities of the new era. There is also a need for pioneers to clear away all the unwanted energy of the
past so that false beliefs and vibrations of previous eras do not contaminate the new era. You are now a pioneer for
the Era of Love, you consented to be here at this time with your awareness and divine spiritual abilities to move the
consciousness of humanity and the Earth into the central vibration of the Era of Love. We realise that the Era of Love
may be a new experience, a time to exist in the love of the Creator without fear, judgment, suffering or pain, because
it is a new experience it seems therefore unknown. Uncertainty and unfamiliar energies can cause suffering and
confusion, this is why you have been selected as a pioneer of the Era of the Love to move yourself, reality,
perspective and all that you recognise yourself to be into the centre core of love to experience the abundance of the
Creator’s love therefore demonstrating to others the purpose of this era and the joys that can be experienced. It is
important to remember that love is the most familiar energy to your soul. Fear may feel familiar and secure but it is a
false creation which has no foundations from which you can accelerate into the soul of the Creator. Observation
allows you to realise the energies that are truly familiar to you and those that are false and unnourishing.
If you allow yourself to observe all experiences, not allowing yourself to becoming attached to the light or to fear you
will then be able to make your choices and take your action from a place of balance and neutral ground which will fill
your being with contentment and an aspect of completion. As we move from fear into love, balance is always
required, balance will continue to be of importance once you have accessed the Era of Love. There is such potential
in the Era of Love, it is like a treasure chest waiting to be opened. You have already explored one era extensively,
collecting all the valuable treasures and lessons of growth, now there is a need to discover the treasure and valuable
lessons of the Era of Love. At this time you are all still in transition adjusting to the energetic frequency and vibrational
change while also overseeing the transitions within your body and being. There will come a time when you are then
ready to experience the abundance of the Era of Love. You will recognise this time, you may feel clear and strong in
your energies, peaceful in your mind, love constantly in your heart and the truth of the Creator emanating from your
being into your aura. At this time you will find that like a capsule exploding love will truly explode into your life. The love
of the Creator will bathe you completely, because of your preparation you will be able to recognise this true
integration with the core of the Era of Love, it may feel like you are being blessed with overwhelming love in
abundance in all areas of your reality and being.
The Era of Love is just the start, like a foundation of the Creator that will open you up extensively to the experience of
the Creator. The Era of Love is a powerful marker in the fact that it heralds a time of experience of the truth of the
Creator. You have always been experiencing the Creator but now you are able to experience the truth of the Creator.
It is important to realise that everything whether negative or positive holds the vibration of the Creator but this doesn’t
necessary mean it is the truth of the Creator. In this time once you adjust and merge with the era you have the
opportunity to experience the truth of the Creator. The Era of Love will act as a powerful foundation as you explore
new eras, you will also not have to wait so long for new eras to dawn. Such eras as the Era of Peace, Golden
Platinum Era, the Era of Soul Power, the Era of Divine Truth, the Era of Unique Love will enter into your
consciousness as levels of experience and integration of the truth of the Creator.
Every day allow yourself to seek a beautiful and loving experience of the Creator, seek a moment being embraced in
the love of the Creator, observing the beauty of the Creator, recognising the truth of the Creator. Seek this moment of
experience alone, with loved ones, in nature, with animals or with strangers but first let yourself observe and release
any expectations that you may hold when you contemplate an experience of the Creator in your everyday life.
Through observation of yourself and the shifts you are achieving you no longer believe the energies of fear or
negativity to be you but simply an overflow from a past era. With attachments released you will then discover that
there are powerful energies within your being such as your light and your devotion. I can share with you in truth that
your devotion to the Creator is strong because you are on the Earth experiencing and seeking all that is the Creator
on behalf of the Creator. Your devotion doesn’t need to be built in this lifetime because it emerges from that moment
of release from the womb of the Creator into your journey of ascension. Your devotion is your driving force to return to
all that is the Creator, it only needs to be recognised in this lifetime and enhanced. Your devotion doesn’t mean that
you will hide yourself away from others contemplating the Creator at all times but means that you will awaken a
constant and secure alignment and attunement with the Creator which is unwavering and fortifying.
Your light is akin to the aura of all the divine and sacred qualities and awareness that exists within your being. Your
light was also born when you emerged from the womb of the Creator, your light is a representative and a combination
of your power and the holy truths held within your being. Your light is your shield, your nourishment and also acts as a
representation of yourself and soul.
If your light represents your power and truth, while your devotion represents your sacred connection with the Creator
you can be aware that you have two powerful tools to support you in this time of awakening into the Era of Love. Now
is the time to access your light and devotion to steer you into the core of love, your light will always illuminate your way
while your devotion will confirm and guide you in the correct direction. You are never alone or helpless you are equipt
on this journey with all that you require to be a pioneer and discover the era of love to encourage others.
I wish to share a practice to support you in connecting with and realising your light and devotion.
Allow yourself to gain a meditative state.
‘I call upon Master Lanto to be present with me, supporting my greater awakening to my light and devotion within my
being. Please, Master Lanto, place your energetic hands upon the base of my spine and the back of my heart chakra,
enthusing my entire chakra column with your consciousness and energy vibration. I know that you hold high and pure
frequencies of light and devotion, I accept that which you share with me and experience a deep integration with your
I am Devotion and I am Light. I clear my entire being of all that hinders and blocks my experience of my devotion and
light allowing the birthing and awakening of my devotion and light into my current reality and being.
I now allow myself to recognise, observe and experience my divine light and devotion. Thank you.’
Remember that all aspects of your being are sacred so imagine that from the base of your spine the energy of your
light and devotion is born into your entire being, filling every cell and awareness with supreme powerfully emanating
light and a deep sense of devotion for the Creator.
This is also a deep clearing, purification and empowerment for your being, just focus on your breathing for as long as
you wish.
With radiant light and my constant support,
I am Master Lanto

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I want my space craft!

If technologies were not suppressed, we would at the very least be flying our hover-craft or our individual space ship or teleporting or the ultimate traveling at the speed of thought!..

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"Transparent Thinking"

Wonder if that's anything like Transparent Feelings, just spme food for thought,

Djwhal Khul Spirituality Article
Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon
(Complimentary every week)

"Transparent Thinking"

September 26, 2013
(Channeling begins)
Audio Version:
Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.
Alright. Well we have, we have a lot going on. So I’m going to say there is, sort of, challenges coming up to the surface. There is a little bit of difficulty between masculine and feminine energies within yourself, as well as maybe externally, in family units or work relationships or world powers even.
Then we have, well, quite a lot going on really with the opportunity to heal some things but I think that this week I want to talk about “transparent thinking”.
Basically all of Creation is telepathic or can communicate non-verbally and rather instantly. The human race on the planet is finally getting a bit closer to the same abilities that the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms have to understand instant communication and wavelength, different frequencies, and what not. So that translates to humans becoming more psychic I guess you could say, in nature or more intuitive. And we certainly worked with a lot of Third Eye exercises over the time to help sharpen those skills, many of which are here in the Spirituality Articles.
Because we’re going to be having some troublesome thoughts, I think is how I termed it in the Quarterly Forecast, one of the things I would propose to you is: What if every thought that went through your mind had to be spoken out loud? That’s what I would call transparent thinking. So you’re not hiding and you’re not thinking “Oh her dress is such an awful color” and then saying “Oh hi, how are you today?”
So what if you had to say everything you’re thinking out loud and please don’t necessarily do that but use that sense of ‘If I really had transparent thinking and I was consciously aware and everybody else was consciously aware of every thought, what would my thinking ideally be?’
So that’s what I propose that you play with this week and really examine what transparent thinking would be like in a society where everyone knows. And maybe just kind of toss out some beliefs that you no longer want to keep and really reinforce out loud some beliefs that you do want to keep. You know things like “I choose love”, “How can I love myself even more”, “I choose safety”, “I am Divine Will”. You know, play with things you really do want to emphasize.
Alright Dear Ones. As always, thank you and my love to you.
Djwhal Khul
Channeled by Rev. Terri
(Spirituality Article, Transcribed by Micheline Ralet)

Happy Birthday to Amma beautiful bhajan

Wishing A Happy Birthday to Amma & checkouthe links to the happening activities,

Happy Birthday to Amma beautiful bhajan
September 27th is Amma's 60th... besides Amma hugging thousands... during several days of celebrations... there are several charitable initiatives... and a three day mahayaga chanting by pundits for world peace... for detailed info see...

hundreds of thousands devotees are expected including many dignitaries... beautiful bhajan

aum amriteswaryai namaha... Amma Bless All ...


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