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I started my Inner Journey several decades ago by 1st learning to meditate & then becoming a teacher & putting people in Contact withe Source, Their Source. I worked with & Sponsored various highly evolved people, Healers, Clairvoyants & Developed Souls who showed me how to utilize their knowledge that strangely most couldn't discern or even hear.
Withe Various Techniques & Tools I've been given or fathomed thru close observation, I have had some interesting experiences & journeys within. This knowledge also made sense of other experiences & preceptions that I encountered thru life'situations thru the years.
Things like past lives or understanding another person patterns have opened to me as have my own. And as fascinating as all that is, my Aim is to Be Freed from this Illusion bringing as many as will come along EveNow. You can live in the World but don't have to take it seriously & in fact Joyfully & Easily get you much further to where you wanto be at any moment. 
I have shared thru my messages several of my inner connections like the ~Unknowable~ which is beyond the Relative & Absolute fields of Life,
Also drawing down The_Grace_of_Ishvara,_Our Almighty Father Mother God/dess & The Transformational Rainbow Forest Odyssey + many other Activations, Techniques & Connections from various teachers & messengers.
If they work & help & Lighten & Enlighten, I'm all for them & Share withose Ready.
And It is time to Get Ready or Not~Change is Upon Each & All of Us Beyond Sci~Fi or Middle Earth or Any Tales or Fables you've heard of.... We Are in the Midst of It.
Everything is Speeding Up SO BE READY!!!!!! 
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kp Message 2-24-14… I “Sense” that We Are Close…

130304_new_hair_guy_P1000378_crop_240_30[Kp note 0639 HST: remarkable synchronicity with what I "got", here in this post from Dennis Barth...

There have been a series of OPMs (Other People’s Messages) that seem pointing to one thing… “The Event” (or “The ‘Whatever you may want to call it’”) is near.

Here are a few “things” that have come forth…

  1. 2-21-14: Cobra comes out with, “Preparing For The Event
  2. 2-22-14: D of RTS comes out with, “The World Stands and Says: ‘NO MORE!‘”
  3. 2-23-14″ Neil Keenan comes out with, “The States are in Open Revolution Against Federal Tyranny!
  4. 2-23-14″ Neil Keenan comes out with, “Cease & Desist Demand against THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, Rothschilds, et al.
  5. 2-24-14: Kathryn May comes out with, “St. Germain’s Call to Lightworkers: Life Post-RV
  6. 2-24-14: Office of Poofness comes out with, “Waiting on the World to Change
  7. 2-24-14: Benjamin Fulford comes out with, “War in the Ukraine and more banker murders as cabal end-game begins
  8. 2-24-14: Heather comes out with, “The Will and The Word of I AM” and “New Docs

Here are points made in each of the above (in corresponding order):

  1. “As we are getting closer to the Event, the Light forces have requested that as many functioning Event Support Groups as possible are created on the surface of this planet. These Event Support Groups will serve as stabilization nodes of the energy grid around the planet that will help harmonizing the process of transition.” (Cobra, reference)
  2. “Many people are feeling a pause, like the quiet before the storm. The huge intake of breath that is held in anticipation, with a quickening of the pulse that is the prelude to the adrenaline rush. It feels as if the world is sitting on the blade of a knife, waiting for the slightest flicker of air to ever so gently brush against it and waft it over the edge of Change. Many many people stand watching intently to see which way the breeze will blow…
    “People ARE waking up. People are not just waking up, they are standing up and they are standing in their power and saying “NO MORE!!” The people on this planet are taking up the mantle of NOW and are demanding the truth and demanding their freedom.” (D of RTS, reference)
  3. State legislatures are boiling with laws rejecting and reversing the Federal tyranny within their territories. Currently the States having passed or are in the process of passing legislation are:. Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington (State), Wisconsin” [that's 32 states, plus D.C.] (Neil Keenan Group, reference)
  4. “Below is a Cease and Desist Demand. We’re putting the Globalists on notice that their farce is known; and the whole world now knows, and is watching.” (Neil Keenan Group, reference)
  5. “…we are finished with the hard work which led up to the RV. It is now up to the very competent crew on the ground to make the final announcements to begin trading, and we are on to the next phase – Announcements and Disclosure… There are so many changes coming in such a short time period that you are going to be amazed, astonished… “The Forces of Light on the ground and Above have been preparing to step in to shift the balance for many years. Only now has the energy on the planet and throughout the Universe risen to such a level that the tipping point has been reached. The era of darkness has ended. Planet Earth will never see another war, another genocide or another mass suppression of freedom. It will require the help and Vision of all to create the New World, but we are confident that once the sources of fear and oppression have been removed (as is happening at this moment), the cream will rise to the top, as you might say.” (St. Germain via Kathryn May, reference)
  6. [Zap] “…this is the 38th time I am writing… The number 38 has particular meaning as it is a real code within the global matrix, the Chinese family, and what it represents. It is interesting that the timing of this 38th time I am writing is just in time for the many global transformation items that are coming up now.” (Office of Poofness, reference)
  7. “The Russians say the latest shenanigans in the Ukraine meant the cabal had crossed a red line… The Asians… made it clear some sort of line had been crossed and that action was imminent.” (Benjamin Fulford, reference)
  8. “This DECLARATION OF I AM is the only valid, lawful verification, certification, and projection of this particular inbodyment of I AM, eternal essence, in body, also perceived as [your name]… any and all other representations, jurisdictions, records, et. al. that were claimed to have existed with affect and effect are null, void and duly canceled, for cause, by I AM as a matter of Eternal, Universal and International Records…
    “Due declaration and implementation of I AM, inclusive of this original depository and deposit of I AM, is not to be compelled to perform under any contract and agreement, inclusive of commercial agreement or bankruptcy, inclusive of any and all jurisdictions, and any and all unlawful claims to I AM and the Value of I AM, therefrom, therewith, thereof, and thereto, that I AM did not enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally; Furthermore, I AM does not and will not accept the liability or responsibility of the compelled benefit of any and all unrevealed contract and agreement, inclusive of any and all commercial agreement or bankruptcy” (Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, reference)

Why am I putting these out here? Well, simply because my Higher Inner One (aka, “Higher Innards”, as my grandmother might say) just knows that this “Grand Thing” is rapidly approaching. All I can say is that “near” means “not too very long”, or means, “could be ‘a few days or weeks’”, whereas not too long ago, it was “could be ‘a few weeks or months’”.

That’s all I’m going to say about this now. Perhaps many of you get similar sensations. I’m leaving comments open on this one, so you might “put in” your own “in puts”.

Mahalo, KP


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