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I started my Inner Journey several decades ago by 1st learning to meditate & then becoming a teacher & putting people in Contact withe Source, Their Source. I worked with & Sponsored various highly evolved people, Healers, Clairvoyants & Developed Souls who showed me how to utilize their knowledge that strangely most couldn't discern or even hear.
Withe Various Techniques & Tools I've been given or fathomed thru close observation, I have had some interesting experiences & journeys within. This knowledge also made sense of other experiences & preceptions that I encountered thru life'situations thru the years.
Things like past lives or understanding another person patterns have opened to me as have my own. And as fascinating as all that is, my Aim is to Be Freed from this Illusion bringing as many as will come along EveNow. You can live in the World but don't have to take it seriously & in fact Joyfully & Easily get you much further to where you wanto be at any moment. 
I have shared thru my messages several of my inner connections like the ~Unknowable~ which is beyond the Relative & Absolute fields of Life,
Also drawing down The_Grace_of_Ishvara,_Our Almighty Father Mother God/dess & The Transformational Rainbow Forest Odyssey + many other Activations, Techniques & Connections from various teachers & messengers.
If they work & help & Lighten & Enlighten, I'm all for them & Share withose Ready.
And It is time to Get Ready or Not~Change is Upon Each & All of Us Beyond Sci~Fi or Middle Earth or Any Tales or Fables you've heard of.... We Are in the Midst of It.
Everything is Speeding Up SO BE READY!!!!!! 
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Quantum Awakening *** From the Light with Love

We have Created Choices as Our Journey Germinates our efforts into Love's Endless Options,


Un-K-now-able HearTouch of Ishvara's Golden Grace of Our Ascension

Created, Channeled, Written, Published and Copyrighted
since 1986 with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

This newsletter is Spirit Driven and has been in circulation since 1986.
It reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers.
One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward

This newsletter is lovingly crafted by Spirit
any imperfections in spelling and grammar only enhance its beauty and uniqueness.

*** ‘30 days of Holy Dispensations’ Wesak 2013
*** From the Light with love
*** Love Your Mother
*** White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks
*** The Council of Annu
*** GOD GENE Crystals
*** Cosmic Classified

‘30 days of Holy Dispensations’
Wesak 2013
As these energies push and pull us in every direction we are reformatted into a higher awareness. All of this cosmic re-sculpting has had a lot of wear and tear on the human body, mind and spirit. We are all looking a little like the scarecrow on a blustery 'wizard of oz ' day, strewn about, a little here a little there. Like a million piece puzzle we seek to see a picture of the new us, but alas the puzzle box has no portrait to help us find our lost pieces.
We are in the middle of three eclipses, a meteor shower from Hailey’s comet, several sunspot and a solar wind, a coronal mass ejection and God only knows what else. We are at the place of 30 days of Dispensations (special considerations and blessings) from the Christ and Buddha making this a 30 day Wesak celebration
The command is 'change or get caught up in the whirlwind of cosmic shift.' Humanity is no longer driving the cosmic car thru the heavenly configurations. We stand on the edge of the future, scraping ourselves from the past like barnacles on a boat in the shipyard.
Wesak is the celebration of Buddha's birth/ enlightenment /& death. According to ancient beliefs, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left Earthly incarnation under the Full Moon of Taurus. The Buddha returns at this time each year to bring a new light to the world. Spiritual leaders both human and hierarchy gather in Wesak Valley, high in the Himalayas.
Wesak is the time in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in meditation to invoke the healing forces of SHAMBALLA. The Buddha, representing those forces, appears and blesses humanity. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose. The Christ represents God unending Love for humanity. The wesak is like a pitcher pouring out a healing elixir. The celestial dispensation usually last only 3 days, but due to unusual alignments the holy blessings will last full moon to full moon.
Humanity is in a place of learning to truly see, to create, to make real by looking through the quantum portal, deep into the proverbial rabbit hole. It is time to change the description of what once defined thought. A call to duty is announced to all that are willing to expand. Without playing favoritism with any particular side of creation, exchange the cross for the crown. Encircling what you want with clear intention, dotting your "I AM's" and uncrossing your "t's". Any and all limitations are the source of your power. Any darkness you battle can be a source of power if transformed from lead into gold. What stretches you comes from all sources. You have changed forever never to return to who you once were. You sit perched on a new branch of heart and light awaiting a signal of when it is safe to fly, neither sign, nor signal comes, You must rely only upon your own intuition to move forward. As this singularity you sit in a place of great power and sacredness; all that you do or do not do is created by you and you alone. By seeing the existing blessings in your transformative lives you will create a connection for this wave of blessedness to adhere to. The more thoughts you have of blessing what is in your life right now the more energy is generated, and the easier the new connection will be made. Thoughts of thankfulness and gratitude beckon this wave of blessedness; thoughts of negativity repel it. The fruits of all past labors of life and love can be now tasted and supped upon. What was once thought to be lost is found within ones very own life. Energy spent in helping others was placed into a universal account that has accrued to mighty proportions. Nothing was every lost or wasted or tossed away in thoughts and actions of goodness and kindness. All actions of inherent good have been counted and accounted for by the universal abacus. All time spent in prayer and kind thoughts for others has been exponentially expanded and multiplied beyond earth's ability to count. A great amount of heavenly rewards finds itself on the road to the masses. Fractals restructure themselves into different patterns of thought as the light within the unexpected and unexplained is turned up so high that even the 3 blind mice can see. You are leaving the energy of what has so distracted you and moving into a place of sharp focus. Chose to see all or nothing, do not turn a blind 3rd eye to any possibility.
I shift and alter as the winds of change blow thru me. I shift with every birth. I shift with every death. I transform when the cosmos expresses emotion and anoints itself with a new light. My temperature changes with my emotions, my heartbeat changes with my every thought. I am the seasonal change of God in human form. As the molecules of my being rewrite the rules life sprouts wings and takes us to new heights.
Objects appear and disappear from dusk to dawn confusing the layout of the mind. Comfort in what was familiar no longer fits or soothes the soul. Free flowing without form or destination in an amazing aspect of becoming a God in swaddling clothes. Free falling into any and all possibilities is not for the weak of spirit or mind.
Possibilities rearrange themselves nano-seconds at a time, switching bases, games and outcomes concurrently. What comes through the personal wormhole is yet to be seen but very expected. Set a place at your table of light, preparing for all the good that has been kept at bay and sea too long. Integrate the energies, blending with them, emulsifying in an alchemical reunion, allowing time to stop and catch up with its mighty self.
Time is usually as an agitator keeping things stirred up and moving forward in molecular confusion. The sense of being here and there is as real as anything else on planet earth. Stretched forward and backward can make one very dizzy and unbalanced. Missing objects are strewn about between dimensions, seeking a place to land. The plates of time will continue to rub against one another. Unexpected seasonal and personal changes will be the result. The playing rules of one dimension does not hold true in another.

From the Light with love:
Losing the past and disconnecting from the Now offers opportunities that could not exist otherwise. The new age, the old age, all age becomes unnecessary as humanity makes a U-turn into a place of reconnection. The communication lines between humans are fragile and strained like a butterflies wings. Seeing oneself mirrored in others has become painful. most now avert their eyes not wanting to see what is right in front of them. The oneness seems miniscule as humanity huffs and puffs and blows the illusion down.
Time, stars and climate rewrite themselves in harmony with new laws on this new playing field of light. Each door you open will take you down another highway of self into a multidimensional portal. Fractured parts of human evolution now seek to be united called into oneness. This will keep everyone busy scooping up missing parts of self. Each person is escorted into all faces of their Eve and Adam/atom. Original blueprint is laced with future possibilities. To become your true presence you must walk in the stars. Realities are challenged doing hand to hand combat. Time rushes by without even a wave, as the tornado of dimensional change has us riding our bikes against the wind.
Time cannot be forced into pigeon holes as demanded by a selfish populace. Time has grown wings and takes flight into previously unfamiliar patterns. The sextants of humanity demand that time fly in a direction that makes sense. All sensors of Earth - smell, taste, touch, feel - are changing denominations. Do not take them for granted, but also do not trust them fully as what once was written in stone as truth has now shifted in framework. The earthen mechanisms of sight and sound change their everlasting view. what you know to be truth is challenged non-stop, what you believe in your heart about those you love is challenged. The body has received so many mixed signals, so many conflicting truths it is in overload and seems to be taking on a life of its own. All of humanity is in overload. All circuitries are encumbered. Earth is at an intersection of time and has become a clearing house of energy and information.
As you stand at the edge of who you once knew yourselves to be and the Event Horizon of what the universe is asking you to do, you can freeze and become muddled in thought and deed. New encodings are fired off in the brain allowing for a defragging process to be initiated.
The ultimate choice is to give without thought of loss, to jump without thought of fear. knowing that within all darkness, light is held captive. To come to the ledge and fly without fear or remorse venturing where angels fear to tread. There is no growth in a safe space. Embrace the energy and light that you house and reach for the stars. Seek what inspires you as you idle on neutral in the middle of the energetic storm. This storm seems a travesty in the making as so many are deterred from a future that is predicted by so many failure profits.
As the eclipses begin their slow sinewy dance humanity is asked to enter places that they have endured thru time. The energies meet themselves in a photo finish as perfect timing shows the true will of the people. Everything is veiled as the planets shift and move in opposite direction. The eclipses unfold the curtains to show the backdrop of a passion play in session. You may feel as if your choices are narrow and barely seen on a dimly lit street at a dead end alley. Unfolding your fans to cover your faces is coy and dated. Batting your eyes to influence the outcome of anything will only strike out your own team.
All emotional flailing about weakens the immune system in a world that is already on the critical edge. This summer the planets will align in a form that creates a sacred geometry of trust. If one does not trust the leaders of the world then one must at least trust the Creator of said world.
Bantering with the future of the world does not place one in the cockpit of destiny. What is yet 'to' be is still in embryonic state. Riding the emotions of a world that is still at a point of choice will only serve to lower the immune system of all. Adrenaline spikes off the charts as the pulse of the world watches and worries Day after day news flash after news flash. True faith needs to be planted in the soil / soul of humanity. Do not allow yourself to be emotionally manipulated by giving up hope.

Love Your Mother
You enter my womb as I enter yours. You open up portals within me as I open up and experience portals within you. You each represent a part of my life force, a part of my flesh, a part of my heart. You walk within the sacred sound, your soul upon my body as I sing in the very cells of your being. From beyond time known you have adored me, you have wept upon me and for me. From beyond space you have come as a star in the flesh you are a part of my heart.
Awaken the stargate of your own heart. Stop waiting for that perfect day, the perfect mate, that perfect understanding. Do not squander your dreams, your heart, your feelings, and your message. Do not hold onto what inherently screams inside of you, but sing it from the treetops and the mountaintops, and from the very rooms of your soul. Don’t hold tight as you have in the past to the secrets, the messages, the truths for it is now time to partake of all that you have known. Sup upon it and prepare a banquet, a wedding feast as you commit parts of your own soul into marital bliss beyond your human understanding, of heaven and earth.
the light escorts itself into more light and the heart escorts itself into more heart. I the mother dance within each cell of your body and create a union. In that convergence, I will create a threshold, a gate for you. Let my voice enter your heart, as you speak my truth, setting it free from the very stones of earth into the air, setting it free as it has been held hostage in your memory.
As a living being I feel your sadness but you have waited too long to feel me. You fight for the very fluids that run thru my body holding them hostage from one another when all I have is for all of my children. As this fighting continues on all levels I will continue to let you feel my anger as a mother that wants what is good for her children. I will continue to let you feel my present when you think all is perfect in your life. I will continue to push you into understanding the after affects of wastefulness and selfishness as any good mother would do. Listen to me so I do not have to scream any louder above the voice of the masses that plays too loud in my ears. What I do I do because I love you. You spend what you have in abundance on obsolete features of life when those at a different longitude have no roof over their head and cannot feed their children. You may be all from different fathers and different universes but you are all my children and I intend to make this clear. Love your Mother.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks

As received by Gillian Macbeth-Louthan


I am she who breathes with you as you breathe in the hope of a new day. I am she who gently closes your eyes at the end of a stress-filled day. I am the face in the Mirror and I am the face in the reflection of the hummingbird’s wings. Look for my face in all life for it is there that I dwell. I am White Buffalo Calf Woman. I come to you as you sit in strength, in power, seeking serenity.
For so long you have kept true being captive. You have kept her silent, and you have kept her in a state of weeping. For so long, you have kept your true being in a dungeon in the very bottom of your heart– afraid to let it out.
I ask you to stand fully in your divinity. You are all such beautiful beings – all different shapes and sizes, colors and personalities. Throw yourself into the pool of creation and blend with the Mother. Blend with all the faces of God that shine so brightly. Blend with the cycles of the moon, of the earth and of your body. Blend with every part of you that you are ashamed of, all your secrets. Enjoy the fullness of your body or the slenderness of your body – for God touches and kisses every ounce of flesh that you are. Do not be ashamed if you are too little or too large or just right. God lives in every ounce of flesh that you wear.
Mother Earth for too long has allowed her children to direct her, to cajole her into thinking that all was okay. She will empower herself with what needs to be done, what needs to be healed. She will do this gently and with love. Be thankful that she is gentle and loving—for the earth would shatter and break apart – if she was otherwise. Let down the hair of your soul and show the true being that you are. Stand on a cliff over the pounding shores, remembering those times when you went to the mountaintops, and called the wind, when you sang to the water, and whispered to the elements.
I come on this day to applaud the boldness of your spirit. Do not let life and all of its human dramas whip you into submission. Do not let your very own creations make you barren of emotions, barren of passion. If what you have created does not honor you- let it go. Resurrect what was once burned at the stake and drowned in the waters of fear. I am White Buffalo Calf Woman.

The Council of Annu
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
We are Ancient Sirian of Origin, galactic of birth. We are beyond your measure of time and space. We are beyond your understanding of DNA. We are what the heart of Earth yearns to become- a star. We are genetically encoded within all elements of earth- wind, earth, fire, water, the fifth element being the human. We live deep within the ancient encoding of human beings.
We come forth as the alignment of the heavens and stars usher you in to a Trans-portal. There is a dimensional flux that you enter into, a place that you will retrieve existing understandings/encodings that have been hidden from your eyes, your ears, your sensories. You stand at the sacred portal. Upon this portal is a mirror. The key that unlocks the dimensional portal is your true reflection. The key to unlock the true reflection is self- love. In your mind’s eye, see this portal- doorway and the mirror. As you look deep into your own reflection, how do you feel? Is their joy that stands in front of you? Is their remorse? Is their distaste? Is their love? It is urgent that you do everything that you can to place yourself in a garment of self love, for it is the raft that will take you to the island that you so seek. It is a solitary paddling that you embark upon as you see your true reflection. It is a misty horizon that you walk into, in a land where your perceptions are distorted. As with Alice and the Looking Glass you fall up or down the rabbit hole.
The next phase of energy takes the form of a labyrinth, a Fibonacci spiral taking you to the center nautilus of you. At that point of inner centeredness you will descend and rise simultaneously creating a dimensional flux, a bend in your future, a bend in the light. At that sharp point of bending, you will be offered an opportunity that comes only when you have initialized the codes of self-love. Then and only then will you be allowed entrance into the center of the heart of light. Within you is a time-safe trigger. It is waiting particular dates and number combinations to activate, and awaken resting truths. The doorway is you. The entrance code is the energetic signature of your love for you. It is not a handprint. It is not an eye-scan. It is a heart-print that allows you entrance. Not the imprint of your love for the neighbor, or your father-in-law, or an abusive parent, but your love for you, this is how you gain entrance into this doorway of time unseen.
Each of you has called upon a 'Light' that will hopefully give to you what you seek. As one is born into the flesh, one begins to seek; you seek yourself, you seek your heart, you seek your mission, you seek true love. The light within you will never be fulfilled until it sups upon itself. All the external doorways and the dimensions that you seek outside of yourself give you but a taste of the very thing that you truly seek.
Until you come fully into all of your pieces, there will be no peace. You are diversified filaments of Light. You are emancipated particles of Creation that have expressed themselves in holy and unholy ways. Everyone that you meet has the potential to be in your heart, if you decide it is so. The portals separate those who will and those who will not. They separate those who choose to move forward and those who choose to stay in comfort-ability. This choosing is not something decreed by the finger of God, it is something decreed by each individual. Stop waiting on your lives. They are here now.
We are the Council of Annu, Sirian of Light and Sirian of Origin. Our blood, our fiber, our genetic encoding runs within you each and every one of you. We leave.

GOD GENE Crystals
The God Gene hypothesis proposes that human beings inherit a set of genes
that predisposes them to believe in a higher power
These powerful christalline Masters come to show us a Great Light. They come to remind us about our ‘Parent Light’. These Gorgeous crystals are navigational markers, allowing time passages to unlock and be seen. They come to teach us about our DNA linkage to other universes and time domains.
All of history to come is built into the DNA of man. We of earth hold within us 144 star systems that gave of themselves for the original genetic seeding of earth. Mankind is programmed to remember, for a God who never forgets. As time doors activate, an instinctive remembrance of futures to come is brought to the surface of self. A sense of déjà vu is included in a future that is felt but unseen. These crystalline beings enhance the ability to be present, while at the same time accepting energy, and messages from your future and multidimensional selves.
Active participation is needed to shift the time domains into a place that shifts a dismal future. By actively entering the human DNA helix, via intent and meditation/ visualizations one is able to knowingly change the previous profile creating an instinctive understanding of ones own destination and true nature.
You are not bound to DNA contracts that have outgrown there usefulness as time and events have shifted and no longer include them. What once served your earthly ancestors no longer serves you. What once was a disease that changed the direction of the human race is no longer a required learning
The God Gene hypothesis proposes that human beings inherit a set of genes that predisposes them to believe in a higher power. At a certain predestined time this sleeping gene will activate. Within the God Gene is an extensive biological indexed library. We are not just some meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is a thought of God. Before we were birthed into form, we were held within the heart of God.
In this ancient and sacred place you can release any and all genetic blocks that have kept you less than. These include; Blocks to perfect health, Pre-programmed diseases, Blocks to being healed, Emotional blocks & wounds, Addictive programs, Programs with any desire to suffer. Blocks to receiving and deserving miracles, self-punishment programs, unrequited love programs.
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